Student spotlight – Maura Torres

Student spotlight-Maura Torres


Coral Gables High senior Maura Torres is spending some of this summer volunteering at a summer camp. She said she began volunteering because of her membership in the National Honor Society and it has taught her to love being a volunteer.

She also enjoys working with children, so she looks for volunteer opportunities that involve working with kids.

At school, she has taken the Early Childhood Education class, where they work with babies as young as 18 months to age 5.

“We take care of them and do activities with them throughout the whole school year,” Torres said.

Students taking that class can end up with certification to work at day cares.

“If you want to become a teacher, you put it on your college application,” she said. “We do take care of the kids; we also do activities with them to help them learn new things.”

Torres said she is considering becoming a teacher but she is going to try different things before making a decision.

At Gables, Torres is involved in Interact and the Italian Club.

“I tried taking Italian this year and found it interesting and thought I’d try the Italian Club to talk to other people who like the same things,” she said.

As a member of Interact and National Honor Society, she has participated in a variety of fundraising walks.

“I’ve done the Light the Night Walk (for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society), which is special to the advisor,” she said.

She also has participated in an event called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for CHARLEE House, which takes place at Pinecrest Gardens.

“I volunteered at the Halloween carnival at Fairchild Elementary,” she said.

Torres was nominate for a Posse Scholarship. If she qualifies for that full-ride scholarship, it would impact which college she attends. If she is chosen, she hopes to go to Syracuse. If no, she’s likely going to Florida International University. She’ll also apply to Florida State and UCF.— Linda Rodriguez Bernfeld

— Linda Rodriguez Bernfeld

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