Students Spotlight – Charles Bailey

Students Spotlight - Charles Bailey

Charles Bailey

Incoming Palmer Trinity senior Charles Bailey is spending the summer working on computer security. He’s interning at a cyber security government contractor that produces authentication systems.

“I’m working with them configuring servers so the system works more efficiently,” Bailey said.

Computer science is his main interest and his goal is the help spread the study of coding.

“In this world and in the future, computing is going to be important in our lives,” he said.

Bailey is the co-president of the programing club at Palmer Trinity, along with Amanda Martin, which is his way of helping others learn to code.

He has been coding for two to three years, but he’s been serious about coding for the past year. He even enters programing competitions.

“The selling point for me is that you can sit in front of the computer and it does exactly what you want it to do,” Bailey said. “If it doesn’t, then you’ve told it wrong.”

Last summer, he took four weeks of the Flatiron programming boot camp but most of the time he teaches himself. He also has taken eight weeks of Harvard’s CS 50 class online.

“That took me like a month. You go at your own pace.,” he said. “I finished with what I want to learn from it.”

For college, his primary choice is MIT, although Harvard also is high on his list.

At Palmer Trinity, he also is president of Mu Alpha Theta and the Investment Group. He has been in the Investment Group since his sophomore year. Although it has been a wild year in the stock market, the club doesn’t have to worry.

“The club wasn’t founded to make money but to learn the process of it and to have a good understanding of the stock market,” he said. “At the end of the day, the goal is to use the money to future the learning of the club. If we make 15 percent we’ll put a decent donation to the Palmer Endowment — or a gift to Palmer.”

— Linda Rodriguez Bernfeld

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