Students work 25 hours straight on ad campaigns

Students at the University of Miami School of Communications were awake for 25 straight hours recently working on an advertising marathon called PhilADthropy.

PhilADthropy brings together 175 ad students to solve an array of marketing communication problems for 15 local nonprofits and they do it all in 25-hours. For more information on PhilADthropy check out the website at <>. THR33FOLD is a local integrated marketing agency founded by two University of Miami alumni.

THR33FOLD has sent its senior staff to participate as team leads at PhilADthropy since its inception in 2009. This was its first year as an official sponsor of PhilAdthropy, along with its senior staff participating as team leads. THR33FOLD donated sketchbooks to the students in order to keep them organized and motivated during the long hours.

Turbana, one of the leading fresh produce providers in the U.S., participated in the event by donating about 200 bags of Turbana plantain chips to the students in order to fuel their creativity with a healthier option.

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