WCS students have strong showing at Miami-Dade County History Fair


WCS students have strong showing at Miami-Dade County History Fair

Westminster Christian School students competed at the Miami-Dade County History Fair.

Westminster Christian School students competed and won numerous awards at the recent Miami-Dade County History Fair Competition.

This year’s theme was “Taking a Stand in History.”

The high school history students had worked on their projects since October, researching and collecting primary and secondary sources to develop and defend their thesis orally, visually, in writing and performance.

WCS students earned the following awards:
Third Place, Individual Website: “Banking on Jackson: The War Against a Central Banking Takeover” — Nick Bellon;
Second Place, Individual Website: “Rosa Parks: Taking a Stand by Sitting Down” — Dario Palmer;
Third Place, Group Website: “Escobedo vs. Illinois; Silence is Constitutional” — Sean Victoria, Carlos Rionda, Jordan McClean, Andres Martinez, Federico Arrosa;
First Place, Group Website: “Fixin’ Nixon: The Supreme Court Limits Executive Power” — Christina Aragon and Michael Lopez;
Second Place, Group Website: “Brown vs. Board of Education – Overturning Plessy: — Trevor Borden, Evan Pybas, Carlos Lembcke, Gonzo de Cordoba, and Bryan Battle;
Second Place, Individual Performance: “Tecumseh’s Final Stand” — Jonathan Valdez;
First Place, Individual Performance: “And So it Was That I Arrived Alone- Elizabeth Eckford” — Samantha Stewart;
First Place, Research Paper: “Standing Up Against State-Forced Sterilization” — Erin Donnelly;
Second Place, Individual Exhibit: “Major Jordan’s Diaries Atomic Whistleblower” — Taryn Troxell;
First Place, Group Exhibit: “Mr. Brown Stands Up to Plessy” — Anthony Pino, Sabrina Leon, Gabriel Sanchez and Carmen Mas;
Third Place, Group Exhibit: “Reed vs. Reed: A Legal Frontier for Equal Rights” — Meagan Diaz, Bryce Garcia, Chris Hernandez and Maite Gutierrez.

First and second place finishers were to compete in Tallahassee at the State History Fair from May 7 to 10. Wayne Williams is the faculty advisor on this project.

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