“Responsible Business Day’’ Building Bikes For Amigos For Kids®

City of Doral Vice Mayor, Robert Van Name, helps his team assemble the donated bicycle

As part of a global initiative, InterContinental at Doral Miami took part in Responsible Business Day, which highlights the work that InterContinental hotels and resorts around the world are doing to sustain and enhance their local destination.

A dozen companies represented by 4 to 5 team members and 40 plus spectators joined forces with the InterContinental at Doral Miami for a bike-assembling contest, which will be donated to Amigos for Kids® and distributed in December. Over 40 spectators were on hand to cheer on their teams.

This was part of Responsible Business Day at the InterContinental at Doral Miami. In partnership with National Geographic’s Center for Sustainable Destinations, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts properties regularly take part in activities that ensure their location remains an appealing place to visit for future generations.

The Parks & Police 4 Kids team put together their bicycle the fastest, taking 1st place and free lunch at the hotel’s, Armillary Grill, for each team member. Second place went to tm ((telcomm)), while the Casimiro Foundation Youth Chamber of Commerce came in third.

Raul Hernandez, Training Manager for InterContinental at Doral Miami kicked off the event and introduced Valeria Zepeda, volunteer coordinator for Amigos for Kids®. Ms. Zepeda gave a description of the needs Amigos for Kids® responds to in South Florida to help abused, abandoned, and less fortunate children and their families. City of Doral Vice Mayor, Robert Van Name recognized the efforts of the InterContinental at Doral Miami and the community.

InterContinental at Doral Miami General Manager, Jose Marti, welcomed the close to 80 participants and guests and thanked the participating companies for their support. Companies include: City of Doral, TACA Airlines, AFLAC, CAO Chocolates, Intermedia Touch, Florida Building Engineering & Inspections, Izumi Karate School and Seda Realty.

The dance troop Phoenix Elite awed spectators with a dance and acrobatic demonstration that got everyone’s blood pumping and ready for the bike-building contest. Dance music filled the air as the business and community leaders grabbed their tools, opened their boxes and began assembling, handlebars, seats, and wheels. Javier Izquierdo, Chief Engineer, at the InterContinental at Doral Miami was on hand to confirm that each bicycle was properly assembled and safe to be donated to Amigos for Kids®.

The activity was inspired by InterContinental Hotels & Resorts’ Five Principles of Responsible Business, which have been developed in association with National Geographic’s Geotourism Code of Good Practice.

The Five Principles include:
Integrity of Place – Staying true to the local character where each hotel or resort is located

• Destination Appeal – Celebrating what’s attractive and compelling about each local area

• Community Appeal – Supporting local community activities and initiatives

• Sharing our Stories – Encouraging guest and colleague interest and exploration of each local area

• Minimizing Impact – Demonstrating care and consideration of the local area and its people.

Mr. Marti said, “At InterContinental, we share with our guests a common belief that the most enriching travel comes through authentic experiences. In connecting people which all that’s special about our destinations, we have a responsibility to protect the nature, heritage and communities that make each place unique. Our partnership with Amigos for Kids is all about working together to help prevent child abuse and neglect by valuing children, strengthening families, and educating the community.”

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