All those dangers out there: Perhaps we’ve just been lucky

By Ernie Sochin
Back in 1932 when E.T.S. Walton first split the atom, and in July of 1945 when we actually detonated an atomic bomb in Alamogordo, NM, we didn’t know for certain that a chain reaction might or might not occur.

We were lucky. Nuclear plants all over the country are now supplying our much needed energy in a most efficient manner except for the fact that no one seems quite sure of how to get rid of the spent nuclear rods. FPL was just fined $70,000 for disposing of them improperly although they claim there was no danger. I hope not!

Somewhere in a place called Cern, Switzerland, scientists have been experimenting with recreating the “Big Bang” using a thing called a LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

They screwed up their first experiment, which blew a 20-ton magnet off its mountings, filled a tunnel with helium gas and forced an evacuation. The excuse was: “They missed some very simple balance of forces.” Comforting, huh? Maybe next time they will be successful and actually create another Big Bang. That would be great because most of us weren’t here to see the last one. I always wondered what it would be like to pass into a Black Hole.

As a kid, I used to worry about “The Russians are coming…The Russians are coming” Now it’s “The icebergs are melting… The icebergs are melting,” (By the way, the Russians did come; they moved to North Miami and seem to be getting along just fine.)

We have been puncturing the earth’s delicate crust to provide fuel for gas-hungry drivers all over the world. It seems to me that no one really thought about what might happen if we cracked this delicate shell and couldn’t fix it. Whew! I guess once again that we have been lucky! Coincidentally, have you noticed that most of our streets are now covered with tar?

I don’t know about you, but I ingest pockets full of pills every day that are supposed to make me healthy. I hope all my doctors are right because I still don’t know how all these pills find their way to the right part of my body and what the cumulative effects might be. I have faith! Have you seen those TV ads for Abilify and all the things that might happen to you if you use it? Wow!

We are being bombarded with radio, microwave, and satellite signals coming at us from all angles. They actually are inside your house. If you don’t believe me, turn on your radio. A guy recently got elected mayor of a nearby city because he claims that the power being generated by the power lines overhead produce enough energy to cause cancer in children. I got one of those gadgets to measure this energy and found that, forgetting the power lines, there are tons of these EMFs coming from my lamps, microwave oven and especially my TVs. If this guy is right, we are all doomed.

People say that sticking a cell phone next to your brain, like most of us do for hours every day may cause cancer. Well, if you use your cell phone next to your car when you are filling up with gas, you will probably get blown up anyway, according to the always reliable Internet.

Have you checked the drywall in your house yet? Just asking. What about the lead in your kid’s toys or the paint on their furniture? I grew up playing with an entire army of lead soldiers. I hope that when I pass into my eternal war zone someday that they will test my body for traces of this lead.

Hey, see that big bright ball in the sky that delivers our 100 degree temperatures every day? Well it is loaded with vitamin C, D, E and K… all good for you but it also can produce melanoma which is bad for you.

Have you been to a beach lately? Watch out for oil slicks or garbage being fed into it by various leaks all over the place.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that there are thousands of deaths occurring every day by motorists talking or texting while they are hurtling along in a 2,000-pound missile at 70 miles per hour. I doubt that any of the perpetrators say, “Gee, I’m sorry officer; I was texting someone and this car just scooted in front of me out of nowhere.”

Oh yeah… let’s not forget about Asteroid “2003 QQ47” headed our way in March of 2014. It only has the impact of 20 million Hiroshima atomic bombs though. Not to worry.

Perhaps the Amish have some ideas worth looking into.

Sleep well tonight!

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