Art Nanni is running for mayor of Cutler Bay.

Profile: Art Nanni for mayor of Cutler Bay

Art Nanni

A Cutler Ridge/ Cutler Bay resident for 55 years, he has been married for 29 years to his wife, Sandi, and they have raised six children. A former Eagle Scout and Scout Leader, he served for 31 years with the Miami-Dade Police Department.

He explained what prompted him to seek the office of mayor of the town.

“Having lived in this community for 55 years, I’ve watched as our town has blossomed into a thriving community,” Nanni said. “Cutler Bay is where I grew up, and after serving as your advocate for the past eight years, I wanted to run for office to give back to a community that has given so much to me.

“I believe people and not politicians are what make this town special, and I’m running to restore your voice back into politics. This means increasing transparency, saying ‘no’ to special interests, and formulating a grassroots approach to governance. As a former detective and entrepreneur, I have experience as a leader, team member, and public servant, and I will build coalitions rather than partitions.”

When asked what his top goals would be in the months following the election, he replied:

“One of my first priorities will be increasing communication and citizen involvement throughout the town,” Nanni said. “To accomplish this goal, I propose holding open-mic town hall meetings, live-streaming council meetings, studying the feasibility of a community center, and creating a town newsletter. I hope to establish a business committee, which markets the town to new restaurants and shops.

“Ethics and honesty are paramount, and I will convene an independent committee ensuring that laws are upheld by both council and staff.

Our charter has been violated without consequences, and this is something I take seriously.”

Nanni said that he feels his past experience and people skills will help him serve well as mayor.

“As a 31-year veteran of the Miami-Dade Police Department, my experience as a detective taught me the importance of listening and communicating with both the public and county staff,” Nanni said. “I know that a leader is willing to listen and take decisive action according to the will and best interests of the community they serve.”

Having taken an active interest in the community for many years, Nanni seeks to represent residents as council leader.

“You deserve a mayor who will listen to you and not special interests, and this is why I hope you will honor me, Art Nanni, with your vote on Nov. 4.

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1 Comment on "Art Nanni is running for mayor of Cutler Bay."

  1. Art lives on the same street I do. While I know nothing about his political record or career, I can tell you that I, along with several other neighbors, have found him to be rude and obnoxious. He has two dogs which he walks on a regular basis – and he does not pick up after them. Granted – it is only dog poop – but when a person running for Mayor wants to clean up business, you would think that would extend to your own pets. When confronted about his dogs having done their business, Art began to swear and yell at the home owner. In all fairness, he did later return and apologize – but really? He also recently volunteered to care for a valuable bird whose owner had died – but then when the deceased man's relatives showed up to clean out the house, Art was noticeably reluctant to return the bird. The relatives had to threaten to call the police before he returned the bird. Individuals who are willing to steal from a dead man have no business running for Mayor.

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