Artist Schor completes second painting for Pasta Del Giorno

Artist Schor completes second painting for Pasta Del Giorno

Artist David Schor is pictured with his painting Everybody Eats at Pasta Del Giorno #2 — Frank and Sammy.

The latest addition to the collection of internationally collected artist David Schor’s paintings being created expressly for Pasta Del Giorno restaurant, located across from the Falls Shopping Center, occupies a prominent location on the wall of the restaurant.

Called Everybody Eats at Pasta Del Giorno #2 — Frank and Sammy, the large, 30- by 40-inch painting shows restaurateur Ariel Rodriguez seated at a table with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

Patrons of the restaurant are struck by how the painting captures the expression of and reflects the owner’s exuberant and welcoming approach to all who eat at Pasta Del Giorno.

“In addition to providing the best possible culinary experience, we strive to capture the lively, welcoming atmosphere of a restaurant in Italy.” Rodriguez said. “If a customer can be made to feel like going to Pasta Del Giorno is an experience that is at once unique and also very familiar and homey, then we have succeeded in our efforts.”

David Schor, who travels to Italy with his wife, Olga, almost every year for a month to create original paintings on location for his clients there, has agreed to produce the series of five paintings for the restaurant.

“Olga and I love eating at Pasta Del Giorno. It is like being in Italy while at home.” Schor said.

“Painting Everybody Eats #2 was at once a very demanding and exciting project.” Schor said. “To integrate the two iconic figures of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis with Ariel in the very real location of his restaurant and to bring to the painting the emotions which would have actually occurred in the situation was the goal I set myself.”

The reactions of the patrons who have been viewing the painting attest to the fact that the goal was indeed achieved.

Schor is very well known locally as well as in Europe and in the USA for his portraits of children and families as well as his impressionistic scenic and nautical paintings. His studio is located in Palmetto Bay on Old Cutler Road and his work can be seen on his website.

More information is available at Invitations to the studio of the artist can be obtained through Ariel Rodriguez at Pasta Del Giorno or by calling David Schor at 786-443-3705.

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