Cancer Prevention Study-3: How you can help cure cancer

As the American Cancer Society marks its 100th birthday this year, we are asking South Floridians to celebrate with us and help finish the fight against cancer by participating in a historic cancer research study. This study, Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3), will give scientists a better understanding of cancer causes and prevention.

If you’re between the ages of 30 and 65 with no personal history of cancer, you can enroll in the study. All you have to do is sign a consent form, complete a brief survey, have your waist measured and give a small blood sample. Then you’ll be sent follow-up surveys from time to time throughout the next 20 years so researchers can learn more about your lifestyle and look for clues about what causes cancer.

“The question is not ‘why am I participating?’ The question is ‘how could I not?’’ said CPS-3 participant Bibiana Salmon who is championing CPS-3 enrollment in Miami. “Cancer affects so many lives and this is my chance to be part of the study that finds a cure.”

There is an enrollment events coming up in the area on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., at Baptist Health South Florida – The Atrium Building, 1500 San Remo Ave, Suite 400, in Coral Gables.

You do need to schedule an appointment before the enrollment events. Just go to <> and click on the “South Florida locations” tab or call 305- 592-3687.

“Many individuals diagnosed with cancer struggle to answer the question, ‘What caused my cancer?’ In many cases, we don’t know the answer,” said Alpa V. Patel, PhD, principal investigator of CPS-3. “CPS-3 will help us better understand what factors cause cancer, and once we know that, we can be better equipped to prevent cancer.”

Researchers say CPS-3 holds the best hope of identifying new and emerging cancer risks.

“Of all the world’s enemies, few compare to cancer. No natural disaster, common trauma, crime or war claims anywhere near the number of lives that cancer does every year,” Salmon said. “Our country spends billions of dollars on cancer but rarely looks at the cause of the disease. Finding the cause would enable us to prevent it, because the cause is the cure.”

We hope to see you at the CPS-3 enrollment event in November.

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