Commissioner Bell tours industries in her district

Pictured with Miami-Dade Commissioner Lynda Bell (right) are (from left) Eddie Montalvo, founder of Silver Wings Aerospace; Scott Fane, CPA for Sea Hunter Boat Company, and Rafael Montalvo, investor in both companies and

Building on her successful “Work Days” program, Miami-Dade Commissioner Lynda Bell recently toured Silver Wings Aerospace Inc. and the Sea Hunter Boat Company, emphasizing her commitment to recognize small businesses in her district, learn about the continuing challenges they face in this depressed economy and what local government can do to help them succeed.

Commissioner Bell also is working with the Beacon Council to help provide incentives to small businesses like these so they can grow and thrive in the South Miami- Dade area. These two small commercial businesses, both owned by the Montalvo Family, have proven themselves to their respective industries and are successfully creating top-of-the-line products for their customers, as well as creating quality, much-needed jobs for area residents.

“Silver Wings Aerospace and Sea Hunter Boat Company are prime examples of successful small businesses that exist in our area which are not only seeking to survive but to thrive and even expand their operations to deliver quality products and services, despite one of the worst economic climates since the Great Depression,” Commissioner Bell said.

“I applaud their steadfast commitment and dedication to their craft, our community and their support of our local economy by creating critically important employment opportunities for our local residents,” the commissioner added.

Silver Wings Aerospace Inc., founded by Eddie Montalvo in 2007 and located in Princeton, is a fast-growing aviation parts company as well as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) repair station. Silver Wings has commercial airline customers from North America, Europe, Asia, and South America and faces global competition. The company currently employs 20 workers and intends to grow to 100 over the next five years.

Sea Hunter Boat Company, founded in 2002 by Ralph Montalvo and also located in Princeton, is a local manufacturer of high performance boats between 18 feet and 48 feet. Sea Hunter uses the most advanced materials and techniques to make the best riding boat in the industry. Sea Hunter has exported its products all over the world and it employs 60 workers. The company is aggressively seeking to expand in order to meet the intense demand of its customers.

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