Cutler Bay Equestrians ‘bring country to town’

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Some Cutler Bay residents and their friends share their love of horses with the town by participating in special events such as the annual Whispering Pines Independence Day parade.

They all enjoy trail riding and Michelle Horne started bringing the horses three years ago when there were only five young ladies and five horses in the group. For the parade they must start very early in the morning, getting up at daybreak to pick up the horses and bring them to the staging area in trailers, groom and decorate them and then participate in the parade itself.

Horne, who works as a lifeguard at Cutler Ridge Pool, is pleased with the way things have developed and how the group has steadily grown.

“As an employee of the Town of Cutler Bay, I’m usually working these special events,” Horne said. “But three years ago that all changed when I got to participate in the Whispering Pines annual Fourth of July parade. A few of us locals decided to get together to bring our horses for a fun community event. We love to see how excited people of all ages are to see us on horseback. Our group is so grateful to the town residents for welcoming us.”

There are two sets of mother/daughter teams in the group, Michelle and her mom, Marilyn, who is a second grade teacher, and Darlene and Amanda Perets. All four are Cutler Bay residents, but a few members of the group are from the Redland area.

“I’m glad to be one of the girls,” Marilyn Horne said. “The Town of Cutler Bay has been spectacular allowing them the use of the Horseshoe parking lot at school and welcoming them in the parade.”

The equestrians are popular and the group hopes to continue taking part in the annual event and others when possible.

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