A solution to our problems: Just make me a dictator | Ernie Sochin

Dictator Ernie

Dictator Ernie

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he other morning while reading the news I actually had tears in my eyes, a rarity for me.

I first began reading about a cute little 3-year old boy who had been brutally beaten and left for dead stuffed into trash bags in a laundry room.

If that wasn’t enough the next story on the front page was about a little 10-year-old boy who had been playing basketball and was shot through the head. I continued thinking about this and searching for a solution to the problem. I found one.

By now everyone knows that soon I will be termed out as an elected official and can no longer run for the normal public offices available to citizens. Instead I decided that I would run for dictator. These are some of my first actions.

I would ban the possession of all guns by everyone except the police and the Army. Everyone else would eventually have to turn their weapons or be subject to jail. It will take many years to filter all of these guns out of our system but eventually I think it will help.

I don’t want to deal with Marion Hammer and all those Second Amendment folks who refuse to see the original purpose of this amendment which was to allow our country to have a well-regulated militia. I think the Army and the police fit that category well.
As for everyone else, if they must fire a gun, allow them to go to the many gun ranges available, pay for the use of one of their weapons, take their targets home to show how good they are and then go back to a normal life.

Try this: Ask anyone that you know that has owned guns for many years just how many have been stolen from them. You will be surprised at how many people will answer in the affirmative. These bad guys shooting kids on basketball courts aren’t going into Kmart or Sports Authority and buying these weapons — at least I hope not.

As for hunters, if they must go out and kill an animal to provide food for their family, they should pass a strict examination and only be allowed a single shot weapon without a silencer that at least allows the animals some hope of escape. I frankly do not see the need for all these automatic weapons that have flooded the marketplace based on our Second Amendment rights. It is time to put an end to this. As for the 3-year-old boy, and the many other stories that I read about where kids have been killed, tortured, injured, by parents who are either mad at each other or just plain mad. Here is my dictator ruling on that.

In order to have a child you must prove to a board appointed by me that you are capable of raising a child, have not been involved with drugs or alcohol to any large extent and appreciate the wonderful miracle of birth.

You would be required, just as our kids in school, to take a difficult exam to prove that you are worthy. If not, once the child is delivered it would immediately be taken away from you and placed in an orphanage or foster home where at least they will have a chance to grow up normally.

As much as we dislike the rules in China about having more than one child, it has worked for the most part so I see no reason why we cannot extend it to any child. In China, if you do have that second child ,you lose all of the benefits that the country has to offer you, including college education, medical care, etc.

With me as dictator there would be no budget problems anywhere. Think how much money would be saved if I were offered just a normal salary for my job and did not require a House of Representatives, a Senate, a city council or commission and all the other accoutrements of what we call democracy. I would bet that would leave millions, if not billions, of dollars to be spent on these children that would be taken from unfit parents.

It is easy to blame DCF and all the other agencies supposedly responsible for what goes on in our society but the truth is they will do anything to avoid taking a child away from its parents. This is obvious, by reading the newspapers lately, and would cease to be a problem under my dictatorship.

I, with my infinite wisdom, would see that things are done properly. I could even run the entire state or possibly country from my home office. Just think how much that would save our government in real estate alone.

A few of you may think this is a bizarre concept, but please, if you have a better solution let me know and I will take it under advisement with my staff (me). If they allow room on the next election ballot simply write in “Ernie for dictator.” If I get enough votes, we may not need to have another election for many years to come.

To contact Ernie or read more go to his website at www.sochin.com.

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4 Comments on "A solution to our problems: Just make me a dictator | Ernie Sochin"

  1. Not Laughing | April 19, 2015 at 3:26 pm | Reply

    Wow! This is the Vice-mayor of Cutler Bay? He begins this article talking about children being beaten and shot and then uses that as the led-in for a joke about him becoming dictator. Or is it a joke? It certainly would explain all the times he has voted in direct opposition of what the majority of residents ask.

    But the real shock is the hat. This man thinks it is funny to pose in a Nazi cap complete with swastika. Is this how we want Cutler Bay represented? The rest of the council should call him out on this, use their authority to reprimand him and frankly, the community newspaper should fire him. What were you thinking allowing this into your paper?

  2. It's funny how Cutler Bay is predominately Republican yet our leaders are Democrat. In the case of Ernie Sochin. Left Wing Commie Democrat. If Ernie thinks Dictatorship is a solution maybe he should move to Cuba, it's not far and his President has opened up travel restrictions to make it easier for him to go there. As far as Ernie's gun control plan goes he can go f@#k himself. From my cold dead hands. I do not have any trust in Government to protect me from evil. God helps him who helps himself. As an American it is my constitution right to own a weapon. As bad as I feel for innocent victims of gun violence, I own a gun not to become one. I think Ernie should have his morning before writing his communist manifesto in the local paper. What he is saying here is he wants to retire from local politics because as American citizens know the is no place here for communist dictators in Cutler Bay. Thank you for your service Ernie now it is time for you to go

  3. Brings Shivering | April 24, 2015 at 12:04 pm | Reply

    So much for any bit of journalism in our community newspaper. This article by Herr Sochin is only the half of it. In the same edition of the paper there is a lengthy article, or should I say free advertising, for the firm Dover and Kohl and what they have drawn pretty pictures of for a developer who wants to build a commercial 9 acre, 3-4 story, mixed use abomination near Old Cutler Road and SW 184 St. Did the developer pay the paper big bucks to print this article full of favorable public relations talking points? Why is this edition of the community paper being delivered by mail to some residents, is this customary? So no surprise that the community newspaper didn't even notice that Herr Sochin was wearing not just a Nazi military cap but one that was worn by the guards at the death camps! In one edition they managed to insult the intelligence of Cutler Bay residents with the Dover and Kohl sell job, and embarrass our community by giving voice to a local wanna be dictator- who happens to be Jewish- by allowing him to feature a swastika on his head. Can it get worse? Final solution. I think the newspaper should retract the Dover and Kohl article, or at least allow equal time and space for a similar article offering alternatives to the ridiculous commercial development. And Herr Sochin should retire from the Cutler Bay town council as Vice Mayor, or be asked to retire for either incompetence, arrogance, or both. Knowing it is the likes of a Komandant Sochin that will vote on major local monumental issues such a nine acre commercial development on already gridlocked Old Cutler near SW 184 St really makes me shiver.

  4. Listen Ernie | April 24, 2015 at 4:25 pm | Reply

    This is not a Democrat or a Republican issue. I'm a Cuban Democrat and I find what Ernie wrote appalling. Anyone who jokes about dictatorship in a community that has suffered and continues to suffer from massive immigration as a result of left and right wing dictators is either very arrogant or a very poor comedian. Then there is the fact that Ernie is Jewish and the cap on his head is that of the Nazis who guarded the death camps in WWII! That again is either the height of arrogance, poor taste, and/or stupidity. Soon Ernie will be expected to vote on serious issues that will impact Cutler Bay far into the future. One vote he will take soon is to allow, or not, a developer to be granted a town master plan and zoning change that would allow them to build a commercial development on 9 acres on the corner of Old Cutler Rd and SW 184 St. Grapevine says Ernie might be for it…let them build big! Ernie has been heard to say that the residents should stay quiet and let the council do their job and that Old Cutler Rd should be widened to four lanes. I'm afraid Ernie has the wrong outlook and attitude to serve as Vice Chair of our town. And unfortunately I don't think he has the judgement or inclination to listen enough to the community that is so strongly opposed to the OCR commercial up-zone. I hope Ernie reads these comments and has a redemptive moment, voting with the majority of the people he represents and not as a dictator for his interests and/or and or that of the developer in mind. Go out as a hero Ernie not as a wanna-be dictator. Humility can be learned even in life's later stages.

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