Ernie Sochin deserves re-election for vice mayor of Cutler Bay

The Cutler Bay News endorses Ernie Sochin, the incumbent vice mayor of the Town of Cutler Bay, who is running for re-election in November.

We believe that Mr. Sochin’s past performance as a member of the town council, first as the councilmember for Seat 2 and then as the town’s vice mayor, as well as his ongoing dedication to improving the quality of life for the residents of Cutler Bay, warrants his staying on for another term in office.

Sochin has been a Cutler Bay resident for the past 44 years and has served on the council since the town was incorporated, so he knows the town, its history and every step that has gone into making Cutler Bay what it is today.

A family man, Sochin has been married to his wife, Rhoda, for 50 years and has children and grandchildren all living in the area.

Sochin has stated that he wants to do more for the new high school that he and fellow council members helped create in partnership with the Miami-Dade County School Board, and he is committed to the educational system. He has served as town liaison to the education committee and often attends local public school functions.

An active member of the Cutler Bay Business Association, he wants to bring new businesses to the town and continue to support the existing ones, all with an eye to broadening the tax base, bringing new jobs and enhancing the town’s appeal as a place to shop, dine out and conduct business.

As an advisory board member of the Economic Development Council and Jackson South Council, a board member of South Florida Boys Choir and an active participant in all League of Cities functions, as well as by donating and distributing toys each year at the Cutler Bay Fourth of July event, he has demonstrated his commitment as a community activist who is dedicated to serving the needs of the area.

Vice Mayor Sochin has stated that he wants to continue working on projects and improvements already begun, and the Cutler Bay News believes that he deserves that chance.

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