Explaining weight loss to kids

As we enter the holiday season, we think about family time, relaxing and enjoying life. Adults know it’s the season that most gain weight. Starting with Halloween, not only will adults gain weight but most kids will, too.

As parents we must teach our children to eat healthy and if you allow them to eat their trick or treat candy, have them do it in moderation. At our martial arts fitness center, about 25% of our new students are brought to us by parents who want them to get fit and lose weight.

It is hard to explain to a child why eating junk food they enjoy and not exercising will make them gain weight. Here’s how I explain it:

Gaining weight is like having a savings account or a piggybank.

If you save your money instead of spending it, your bank account grows and gets bigger. The more coins put into the slot, the heavier the piggybank gets. If you take the coins out, or stop depositing, your piggy bank will never get full and heavy.

Gaining or losing weight works in a similar way. If you feed your body excessive amounts of calories (junk and greasy foods like burgers and sweets) and sit around watching TV or playing video games, you’ll get fatter, just as if filling a piggy bank with coins.

What you put in the piggy bank will also make a difference.

If you put in pennies, nickels and dimes, you’ll have less value in your bank than if you filled it with quarters or dollar bills.

The only safe way to lose weight and become healthier is to change your lifestyle by changing your eating habits, becoming more active and exercising daily. Now, here’s the other side of the coin (no pun intended).

If you eat low calorie, healthy foods (as God made them) and exercise, you’ll begin to lose weight. That goes for your entire family, including your children.

See it as putting in fewer coins in the piggybank while taking out some others.

Eating healthy is equivalent to depositing less coins and exercising is the equivalent of taking out coins.

Just show your kids a piggybank.

Ask them if they want to look like that.

Julio Anta is a fitness and martial arts instructor, owner of Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense in Doral since 1998. For information, tel. 305-599-3649 or visit the Internet at AntaKungFu.com.

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  1. If eating well and exercising doesn’t seem to do anything at all for you, perchance the pounds are actually sneaking on. How? Through an extra bite here and there. Try a food scale so you know what you’re truly eating!

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