Fit For Life program being offered again for teens

By Sheila Stieglitz….
Following the success of 32 teens who lost a total of 429 pounds in this year’s Fit For Life Program, The Children’s Trust Fund has decided to add its weight and fund the 2011 series of classes at the Alper JCC in Kendall.

This life-changing program targets overweight teens and teaches physical and nutritional skills in an effort to curb the trend toward excessive weight gain. The entire series of classes is open to the community and free of charge.

The program’s director is Evelyn Rosenblatt, a published author, National Figure competitor, personal trainer, an exercise physiologist, and former Miami-Dade County high school science teacher.

“The success of the Fit For Life program can be seen in the incredible results that the teens achieved in just 15 weeks,” Rosenblatt said. “I was very proud that all of the participants completed the program, and almost all the teens decreased their body fat percentages and showed an increase in both self-esteem and confidence.

“The information they learned gave them the tools and knowledge to live healthier lives,” she added. “The teens’ final measurements revealed an amazing total loss of 354 inches which translates into 29.5 feet.”

Fit For Life is structured to include three hours per week focusing on strength training and aerobic fitness with certified professionals, plus a one-hour per week workshop on nutrition, food preparation and healthy eating designed to modify existing behavior. Another part of the program includes goal setting with personal accountability, and upon completion of the program the teens should see improvement in physical fitness, self esteem and increased nutritional knowledge.

Commitment and attendance are the key components to successful results. At the end of the 15 weeks, the biggest bonuses are teens with enhanced self-worth, increased stamina and overall improved well being.

Carmen Gil was the “biggest loser” in the initial program, having lost over 10 inches off her waist and dropping eight dress sizes.

“I don’t know how I could have reached my goals, had I not been part of it,” she said. “The transformations that I have seen in my body are remarkable. I still can’t believe that I fit into clothes that I hadn’t worn in years. And it wasn’t just me, but every single one of the 32 participants lost weight and adopted a healthier lifestyle.”

The next session of Fit For Life begins Monday, Jan. 10. Students interested in participating should call Evelyn Rosenblatt at 305-498-7882 to register and begin the mandatory interview process.

The Dave and Mary Alper JCC on the Jay Morton-Levinthal Campus is located at 11155 SW 112 Ave. in Kendall. For information about additional Alper JCC fitness, recreational and sports programs for the entire family visit online at

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