Free money available from the United States government!

Free money available from the United States government!

New simple form for filing false IRS claim.

Seriously, according to a show that I just watched on 60 Minutes, as long as you have some form of computer you can send away for a tax refund from the IRS. All you need is a social security number, address, and account for them to send the money to.

Now, how do you go about getting all of these social security numbers that you will need to file false claims? Apparently for the people doing it, it is easy. The next time you go to any doctor’s office and knock on that little sliding window, know that the person behind that window has at her fingertips perhaps thousands of patient’s Social Security numbers, birth dates, etc., etc.

The people interviewed on 60 Minutes said that they could pay one of these girls perhaps $1,000 for a list of as many patients as they had available and their Social Security numbers. Many seem more interested in the money than protecting that information.

Think about it: what is the first thing you do when visiting a new doctor? Fill out a form asking for your SS number, mother’s maiden name, date of birth, and everything necessary to file for a tax refund.

I guess checking with the alleged employers of these people is much too complex for our government to have to deal with. Of course with the hacking ability out there that we read about every day, it would be easy to get all that information about the various people that have high security clearances in our government, so how hard would it be for them to get all your information? Whew!!

The 60 Minutes episode showed this man who earns approximately $45,000 per month doing this sitting in his easy chair at home and actually completing the forms on his iPhone and sending them in as he is watching television. The money was deposited in a prepaid debit or credit card which is promptly destroyed once the money is used up. Apparently he was eventually caught and got to serve a very minimal sentence, certainly worth the money that he made. The IRS expects to be hit by about $21 billion in false returns in the next five years.

That’s more than I earn as vice mayor.

One good bit of news is that Miami leads the world in IRS fraud. Aren’t you proud?

My question is this: I have a computer that can do all kinds of things. I think that the government, especially the IRS office has even better computers than I have and as such would be able to recognize batches of refund checks going out at the same time to the same address and probably the same bank or credit card account. The TV episode showed batches and batches of checks being spit out of the machine like a printing press with apparently no one checking to see where they are going.

Why is it that whenever I need something either at the bank, the fast food store, or any other place, I need to show all kinds of identity, and wait for various checks to be made on my background, etc., before I receive anything. I don’t remember the exact figure that the fellow from IRS gave as to what this is costing the U.S. government, but it was in the many millions of dollars.

Apparently our government has many, many millions of dollars and doesn’t see a need to look into this matter. I have an idea that might save the government a lot of money. Instead of sending out these thousands of checks to fraudulent people simply dump them into the nearest recycle bin and instead send a check to me for only $1 million each year. I am sure the savings would be tremendous and it would rid the streets of these crooks and criminals.

I hope to present this bill before the U.S. Congress, titled Ernie Bill II. I know that it is a big sacrifice on my part to have to receive and handle these funds, but I will do it for the good of our country. (See attached form.)

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