If you want some controversy just bring up one of the 3 ‘G’s’

If you want some controversy

God, according to Michaelangelo

Back when I did my radio show we often referred to the 3 “G’s” as the hot-button topics. They still are.

Let’s begin with the first G — God. I really wish that I were able to truly believe in the big man in the sky with the long flowing robes who punished the wicked and rewarded the good as well as doing everything that is right for us on earth.

Unfortunately. after the massacre in Newtown, CT and the killing of 10 9- and 10-year-old girls in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber doing his god’s work, I have issues with God. Being the age that I am, I may get a chance in the not too distant future to discuss these issues with him and learn what justification he had for allowing such horrible things to happen.

I personally don’t accept the “they are in a better place” statement. The better place in my mind would be the first and second grade classrooms that these wonderful young people were in when they were shot.

As for the second G — gays — I have no problem. They live a different lifestyle than I do but so do the people who own Bentleys, Rolls Royces, etc. and live incredible luxurious lifestyles. My only problem with the latter is that they shouldn’t be allowed to marry. Why should they live so much more comfortably than I do?

Now the G that will bring the nastiest emails — guns. I will be accused of being against life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by the “gunsters” and those that somehow think that the Second Amendment was for the purpose of allowing anyone to own any kind of weapon for their own personal pleasure as opposed to allowing the Colonials the ability to raise an army.

They haven’t as yet given me the black robes of a Supreme Court justice but when they do I promise you I will see to it that the purpose of the Second Amendment is made clear to all. We may have already let the toothpaste out of the tube by allowing such widespread distribution of automatic weapons and assault rifles.

Did anyone ask the mother of the boy who killed all those children in Connecticut, what she needed these weapons for — 30 round clips, a Bushmaster semiautomatic weapon, two semiautomatic handguns and who knows what else, available in a house with a known mentally troubled young man? Wow!

For those of you out there who think that I am against personal liberties, how come you didn’t complain when you had to take a test to prove that you could drive an automobile and prove that you had insurance before you could buy one? Even I have trouble with that one, but no one seems to be as concerned except when his or her precious guns are threatened.

Fortunately the candidates that were supported by the NRA and their “gunster” followers didn’t fare so well in the last election. Maybe there is still hope for a sane gun policy in our country before we kill off any more young children or shoot up any more shopping malls.

Am I angry? You can bet I am and I hope and pray for some sanity from those of us who are able to do something about it. Of course there are the hunters. They forget that our original hunters needed to hunt for food. This was of course “BP” (Before Publix). Now you can go to the market and fill your table with all kinds of meat without having to empty a 30 round clip into a deer.

I am told that you can now buy something called Tannerite, which you add to your targets on the range to make them blow up or special bullets like this guy had in Newtown, which blow up inside the body to inflict even more damage. Great. It’s just what the average hunter or “sportsman” needs! Okay, all you “gunsters,” unleash all your emails at me. I am ready.

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3 Comments on "If you want some controversy just bring up one of the 3 ‘G’s’"

  1. 1st thread:

    I only have a problem with your first G…God.

    To speak of a loving God and an evil world is to have a warped view of God and human nature. First and foremost, where do you get such a concept as a good God who is omnipotent and omniscient? Obviously you get such a concept from the Bible. Don't you think you should also go to the Bible for your answers as well instead of writing what you "think?"

  2. 2nd Thread:

    Second, where do you get such a concept as Morality? If there is no God, you and I are an accident that came from an explosion of nitrogen! What foundation can men (molecules in motion) have for good and evil? In fact, If there is no God, the only things that are real are material things! Fear, morality, and guilt are not real, just chemical reactions in our brains!

    So to say that a moral law has been broken (murder of kids) is to agree that a moral law exists in the first place by which we can judge what is right or wrong. If a moral law exists, there must be a moral law giver (becuase moral questions are always about living beings), but the moral law giver is who you are arguing againts!

  3. 3rd thread:

    I can go on to answer your question, but it is most important to reveal your illogical stance. A true atheist believes in materialism, they have no foundation for the laws of logic or asbsolute morality. You believe in evolution's survival of the fittest and natural selection so for you to show compassion to dead weaklings and injured people is for you to live in contrast to your worldview. A world view that is only concerned with passing strong genes through reproduction! I know you have never thought about how illogical your world view is and how incompatible it is with the real way you live your life, but I am here to help you.

    Email: Osvaldosantiago33@yahoo.com

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