In Maine drivers stop their vehicles smile and wave you across

In Maine drivers stop their vehicles smile and wave you across

Going to sea in miniature tugboat.

I just returned from a trip to Maine. Great place to visit and I strongly recommend it.

The first thing to impress me is the fact that MacDonald’s sells lobster rolls that are fantastic and only $8.95. Each roll contains what appears to be an entire lobster. Wow!

The other strange phenomenon is that for some odd reason, whenever you are about to cross a street…anywhere…drivers stop their vehicles, smile and wave you across. The same strange thing happens while driving. People, rather than speed up to close a gap they actually slow down and wave you in. What is wrong with these people? Don’t they realize, like we in Dade County do, that they could arrive at their destination one car length late? Who can afford to waste all this time and what right do people have to take up the space in front of my car?

I also noticed few, if any, cars with drivers yakking or texting on their iPhones. Perhaps they have no friends to talk to in Maine. I do have one friend for sure in Maine. He is a guy named Jeffrey Nichols, from Phippsburg, ME, who built from scratch a miniature tugboat down to the last detail.

Naturally I was as curious as could be to just see this incredible device but when Jeff asked me to take the helm, I thought it was just for a photo op. Actually he pointed out towards the ocean and said head out that way and when we reached the edge of the islands follow the GPS and head back to where we started from. I can only imagine what the excitement would feel like to hand an automobile over to an 8-year-old and say go drive, and here I was steering a tugboat through treacherous waters on a foggy night in Maine. He even allowed me to dock the tug by myself. Wow!

I noticed that our county is planning to have Wi-Fi in most of their public transportation vehicles. That may be a good idea for some but I would prefer a lead sealed compartment which would not allow any radio or electronic waves to penetrate. Imagine how quiet and relaxing that might be.

I hear that there are some restaurants that ask that you leave your iPhone at the door before entering. Yeah for them. I have attended some serious seminars lately with highly intelligent and interesting speakers and, as I look down the aisles, I see large numbers of people paying no attention to the speaker and focusing on their iPhones. How rude is that?

On one visit to the Florida Legislature while in session, I noticed one of the representatives actively typing away on his phone. I happened to be sitting next to the person to whom he was texting. The comment was “check out the pretty blonde in the third row left-hand side.” Well I guess this is important too. Will it get better? I frankly doubt it if my grandchildren are any example of what lies ahead. It seems that their entire lives revolve around these electronic marvels.

How about a Wi-Fi free zone?

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