Is there a summit coming?

By Michael Miller….

Michael Miller

What’s that I hear about an unofficial meeting of former SM mayors and commissioners (I’m reliably told) — a sort of City Hall “summit”?

Can this be the start of turning around what appears to be a never-ending downward spiral of ‘business-as- UN-usual at South Miami City Hall? Let’s hope for some positive answers, folks.

But stay tuned. At least two employees of the city’s Information Technology department were laid off a few weeks ago. The story I hear is that the city will outsource those jobs and possibly others. A great money-saver, right? Now hear this: some of the provided services are quoted at $100-plus per hour! (Gotta love it!)

That’s not all! My sometimes-reliable City Hall “deep throat” tells me other department personnel will depart the municipal digs as more services become outsourced. Golly, I just hope the City Manager will look for South elsewhere to have out-of-towners profit by our tax dollars.

Remember, Boss Man Mirabile: local, local, local!

I also hear that a longtime and loyal police officer resigned within a few days after it was confirmed that former SM Police Chief, Orlando Martinez de Castro, will return for a second tour of duty as Chief … so it leads me to wonder what THAT’s all about.

Speaking of recent history (and much to the dismay of good friend and ex-Mayor Horace Feliu), Chief Martinez de Castro was rehired and got a five-year contract to boot. Now I like the new Chief with his unique style and personality. We always got along well, so I’m okay with him in the Chief’s uniform once again.

However, I’m still opposed to five-year contracts for any city department head. Those kind of deals leave the city ‘on the hook’ far too long, especially if the commission or the manager comes up with adequate grounds for a change of command.

That being said, our once-again Chief negotiated a good deal for himself (and his family) so we truly wish him well as he embarks on whatever cleanup policies he may prioritize. I can’t wait until the first big drug bust makes our front page as well as the 11 o’clock news.

What else is Page One-worthy? Didn’t Vice Mayor Valerie Newman’s and Commissioner Brian Beasley’s flippers flap out of control when they found out some “manatees” were coming to town?

Recently featured on the front page of the South Miami News, the “South Miami Manatee Fest” a free public inter-active art exhibit, will be sponsored by our local business and community people to brighten downtown during the winter. First National Bank of South Miami is its premier sponsor and host for the environmentally- themed event January 14.

With flippers in high speed, Newman and Beasley are somehow sure to stick their two cents into this private project and muck up the works. I suggest that Newman simply relax and take a take a snooze on one of those comfy chairs she sells, and Mr. Beasley can look around for a new property to sell to the city.

George’s on Sunset, a wonderful restaurant serving French cuisine and appropriately located at 1549 Sunset Drive, was hopping at lunchtime just the other day. Lots of beautiful people eating the right food in the right amounts – including Nick Poulos, Grant Miller and yours truly enjoying George’s veggie burger and some great tasting ceviche. My lunch buddies had — well, let’s say they behaved themselves, too, calorie-wise if not completely health-wise.Overall, a very, very nice outing which I intend to enjoy again.

By the way, while there, happened to run into Mark Richman, one happy guy and I’m happy for him and for what he’s done to help make South Miami a “hot spot,” the kind that not only brings lots of nice people to the City of Pleasant Living but makes the cash registers ring and leaves all of us with a pleasant smile, as well.

Remember the old Virgin Record Megastore, last to close of three major anchors at The Shops of Sunset? (The other two: IMAX and FAO Schwartz). In place of shopping for CDs, you can shop at a new retail outlet with a South American touch: Casa Ideas, providing home furnishings and design products that “integrate aesthetics, functionality as well as comfort.” With the opening of the Chilean-based firm, entry off US1 to The Shops will be restored – just to keep our Useless One tie-ups intact!

Thought of the Day:

Energy and persistence conquer all things.

— Benjamin Franklin

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2 Comments on "Is there a summit coming?"

  1. this is too funny! a meeting of the "old Guard?"
    They should all get reelected again. The way the city is going, between Newman and Beasley, there wont be much left in year or so.
    Just wait until all their buddies start draining the city with their favors.
    A No-Profit comes to miind.
    "Will the the tax payers in South Miami WAKE UP and get rid of the rotten politics at City Hall and SAVE OUR CITY!!!"

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