League of Women Voters encourages all voters to be prepared for Nov. 6

This year’s Nov. 6 general election will present one of the longest ballots in Florida’s recent election history and the League of Women Voters of Florida reminds all voters to be prepared. In addition to the presidential elections, statewide and local races, there are 11 constitutional amendments on the ballot for every voter’s consideration.

The League special website makes voting easy. No last minute surprises . Visit www.BeReadyToVote.org. For Spanish, go to www.vamosavotar.org

Need help registering or finding your poll location?

Prefer to vote early and want to know where?

Need info on Supreme Court justices and state candidates?

Need help understanding what the ballot amendments really mean?

There are three ways to vote in Florida: Early, by mail, and the last chance is on Election Day. There’s likely to be a rush on Election Day.

Avoid long lines, by using the mail-in ballot. If you have not received your requested mail in/absentee ballot, call your local Supervisor of Elections and request it. This can be done over the phone by any registered voter.

Once you have filled out your mail-in ballot, insert it in the return mail envelope and be sure to sign the back of the envelope. Apply appropriate postage. In most counties, you can drop off your ballot with elections staff at any early voting location. (NOTE: You cannot drop off your ballot at a voting precinct on Election Day.)

Before you vote, be sure you:

Update your address: Have you moved? Did you let your local supervisor know? You can make your address change over the phone. Contact your supervisor’s office and give them your new residential address. Don’t be surprised on Election Day because you forgot to update your address.

Update your name: Have you married, divorced or changed your name since you last registered to vote? One call to your supervisor is all it takes to update. The professional staff members who answer the phone will tell you what to do.

Update your signature: Has your signature changed over the years? Make sure your voter status is current and up-to-date. The staff at any supervisor’s office can walk you through the necessary steps to update your signature.

General election registration deadline is Oct. 9. The League of Women Voters of Florida is strictly nonpartisan and never endorses a candidate or a political party.

The League has been active in Florida for more than 72 years. More about the League of Women Voters, which welcomes both men and women, is available online at www.TheFloridaVoter.org.

Charley Williams is Voter Service Chair, League of Women Voters of Florida.

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2 Comments on "League of Women Voters encourages all voters to be prepared for Nov. 6"

  1. My wife received a 2012 Voter Guide from the library and we were astonished at how the LWVF states in it that it is "NONPARTISAN"!! Who are you kidding? It's twelve pages of liberal leftist drivel. To read that Obama's vision, measured at 2" of print and Romney's as !", is stunningly stupid on the part of LWVF. Just what do the LWVF want from Obama if he is re-elected for the next four years when the last four have been an abysmal failure? I can only assume your guiding light is coming from Sandra Fluke!! .

  2. I'm with you Tim!!

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