Many residents expressed views on town during recent election

“Breast Milk Baby” is latest doll for younger set.

Hopefully the best man won the presidential race.

As I have written in previous articles, I honestly don’t think that the major problems facing our country can be solved by a president. The problems that we are seeing here in the United States are the same as we see in other countries throughout the world. I think we all need to realign our thinking and expectations and adjust to a world economy that is in a state of flux right now.

As one letter writer wrote to another newspaper after visiting the Omaha Beach Cemetery in Normandy, none of the gravestones were marked Republican or Democrat.

Now let’s look at local politics, in particular Cutler Bay. I seldom use this column to discuss local politics but please grant me this one exception. Yes, I won the election for vice mayor by a large majority, perhaps the largest ever given a Cutler Bay candidate. Of course I am proud of that, but what I took away from the election was even more valuable.

Because of the long lines at the polling places, with people waiting for hours and hours to vote, I was able to meet, face-toface, literally thousands of voters. I got to hear their views of our town on a one-toone basis. The large majority seemed extremely happy with the progress that has been made in our wonderful town. There were a few, very few, who had a few complaints.

Most of them were relatively easy to address and correct, which I was able to do with the help of our fine staff at Town Hall. A few were simply beyond help. Nothing was right in our town. One complained that it was better when we were Cutler Ridge.

Point of Information: We were never Cutler Ridge. Cutler Ridge Is a fine community within the Town of Cutler Bay which includes Lakes by the Bay, Whispering Pines, Saga Bay, Bel Aire and many other sections of our town that combine to make it what I think is a wonderful place to live.

One person called me early in the campaign to complain about virtually everything. He was upset that we have Hispanics working at Town Hall amongst other things. He complained about some construction at a neighbor’s house. When I asked for his name so that I could address his problems, he promptly hung up. I learned later that the same person continually calls our Town Hall and complains to anyone who will listen.

I am often asked, in fact I ask myself, why I work so hard for so little compensation. I got my answer during my campaign. As a matterof- fact my head began to swell a bit from all the thanks and adulation that I received while campaigning. It was most gratifying.

The biggest complaint that I received while campaigning was the huge number of questions at the end of the ballot. The state, county, and even our own town, burdened people with ballot questions and referenda that in my mind should have been resolved by the people elected to govern. There were a few items that perhaps needed public approval but most were far beyond the comprehension of the average person and simply served to waste a great deal of time and cause extremely long waiting times at the polls.

On the other hand, I felt proud to see this many people, some on crutches, carrying babies and otherwise burdened, willing to wait in line for up to five hours for their chance to vote. As the saying goes: “Only in America.” We can all be proud to be Americans and to live in Cutler Bay. Thank you all for your support and contributions and I hope that I can live up to your expectations.


A company in Spain is now marketing “Breast Milk Baby” with which the child wears a little halter top with nipples attached that have sensors in them which sets off a sucking noise when the doll’s mouth makes contact. After feeding, you can actually burp the baby. Folks, honestly I wish I was clever enough to make this stuff up.

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