Some recommended additions for local driverless cars

Some recommended additions for local driverless carsDriverless cars! Are they a reality?

Certainly they exist in Dade County. Anyone who has driven here any length of time can tell that most vehicles do not actually have a driver behind the wheel.

When I first moved to Miami I noticed that there were many vehicles on Miami Beach with little old people, of which I am one now, that seem to be sitting below the level of the head rests and, to a knowing observer, it appears the car has no one behind the wheel.

Driving on any of our local highways and arteries, and seeing the behavior of many of the vehicles is further proof that no one actually is steering or controlling these cars. Watching people cross three to four lanes to get to their exit without any regard for other cars is further proof that no human being could be driving these vehicles.

I expect to be contacting Google and some of the other driverless car manufacturers with some suggestions. I believe that a special edition will be made to accommodate driving in our area.

To begin, I will suggest a device that will automatically speed up your car when you see someone trying to turn in front of you or perhaps change lines. Unfortunately there aren’t many drivers that I have encountered who will actually slow down and allow you to do this. This is wrong and the new driverless cars will compensate for that. But in addition it will have an automatic horn blower to upset the offensive driver trying to get where he is going by using your personal road space.

Another sensor that could be added to these vehicles will allow them, on seeing a traffic circle, to speed up and barge through so that no one else can get into the circle before you. I have seen just too many people slowing down to allow the people in to enter a traffic circle whereas an automatic device in the car could eliminate all this useless courtesy.

The same automatic horn blower will loudly blast at the person in front of you who has not tromped down on his gas pedal immediately after the light turns green. Us busy folks can’t afford the many seconds that are lost each time we encounter such a driver.

Of course the driverless cars will allow us to use our cell phones, iPad, and anything else you choose to play with without having to watch the road. After all, the road has been there for years and probably will remain there for many years to come. Why bother watching it while you drive?

Another useful addition for the Dade County driverless automobile would be a special warning light when you are about to drive across the sidewalk and into a store or business situated in direct line of sight with your vehicle. This would be something not really necessary in other places in the world but most definitely in our own hometown. Watch the nighttime news if you don’t believe me.

How about a loudspeaker on the roof of the car so that you get to scream at people on bicycles and automatically shout “get off the road!”

Another device that will say “Don’t make me come back there!” for the annoying kids in the back seat. I know a lot of people that would love this accessory in their next automobile.

I for one would like an accessory that would drive right up to the rear bumper of the car in front of me and flash my high beams if he actually is obeying the speed limit. Do people actually thinK those signs are meant for them?

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