Repeat after me: ‘A Well-Regulated Militia’

Repeat after me: ‘A Well-Regulated Militia’Repeat after me: “A Well-Regulated Militia.” Say it again: “A Well- Regulated Militia.”

For some reason these very important words disappear from the minds of those who feel that our famous Second Amendment guarantees everyone, nut cases included, the right to carry “heat.”

Now our wonderful Florida Legislature wants to allow teachers in the classroom to have side arms. Wonderful! Teachers generally are a nice bunch of people but to trust all of them with the privilege of carrying a side arm to school doesn’t set well with me. Of course the gunsters argue that they must be well-trained, etc., etc.

You perhaps recall recently when a welltrained police officer was upset with someone in a movie theater using his cell phone and decided to shoot him rather than risk having popcorn thrown at the officer. Of course calling an usher or manager would be the last thing to do when you have a sidearm handy.

Let’s get back to the Second Amendment. I have no doubt, and neither should you, of the original intent of this very valuable amendment. Its purpose was to allow the United States to maintain a militia for the protection and preservation of our country against invasion or possible revolts. It was, in fact, modeled after the English Bill of Rights, even though the British attempted to disarm the colonists prior to our revolution. The independent colonies did not have large budgets for armories and thought it best that each member provide his own weapon, which they adequately did.

Without this amendment it would have been difficult to raise a militia. It was tough enough having each colony raising its own so-called army with no central leader. It took some while until it was all coalesced into a uniform fighting force or well-regulated militia.

This goes a far way from allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry to parade around with his choice of weapons and, get this, it is apparently legal to set up your own shooting gallery in your backyard. But as one second amendment gunster that I spoke to advise me, the bullets are not allowed to leave your yard and go into a neighbor’s yard. That is very comforting to me :-)

How did the NRA get to be such a powerful organization? My guess is that they supply a lot of funds to politicians running for office. Obviously, I am excluded from that list. I would however like to see published a list of contributions with the amounts shown that are given to each politician who votes on these ridiculous interpretations.

Do yourself a favor and read some history books focused on the origins of this great country of ours and try to gain an understanding of what was being thought by these great men who established our country. I frankly think they would be rolling over in their graves if they knew how we were interpreting some of these wonderful laws.

I had hoped as our nation matured that we would get smarter and have a better understanding of the needs of a free society. I can only imagine the outcry when the first teacher loses his cool in class and pops off a few rounds. Of course, I expect in the near future that the NRA will recommend that children carry their own sidearms to school to protect themselves, just in case a teacher goes off the deep end.

I am sure that former NRA leader Marion Hammer will agree with this. How else will our children truly feel safe in school unless they are equally well armed? Oh boy! I have already commented on the legislation that allows college students to bring a gun to school provided that it is left in their vehicle. At least they have to wait until classes are over to begin shooting up their school. I would feel much safer knowing this.

Folks, is it me or is our legislature and our government going nuts?

This just in: You soon will be able to fire off a few warning shots without any repercussions or simply fire a round into the air to scare someone away. Where it lands? Who cares? You are a Floridian!

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3 Comments on "Repeat after me: ‘A Well-Regulated Militia’"

  1. Ernie;
    You are one funny guy, yes a well regulated militia. Do you know why the US has never been invaded in our time, it is because the whole nation is armed. I am one of the socalled GUNSTERS, and yes teachers should be able to defend themselves and the children they are entrusted with. In Isreal, teachers are armed and we don't see massive school shootings. No they defend themselves and KILL the nutcase trying to kill them and the kids. Police only show up after and are always shown walking around with their weapons out. Never their when the crime is happenning. The shooting in Sandy Hook could have been stopped had someone in the school been armed. Where were the police, at the donut shop…. Yes, I also agree that it is not always the answer, but if my or for that fact your shild is in a school that teachers and administration are armed I am all for it. At least it gives a fighting chance, which now they do not have it. Calling 911 does not stop the killing, an armed response will. These lunatics prey on helpless victims, let them become the victims and save the children. You want to reinterpret the Constitution, well just think about this, if it weren't for the 2nd. ammendment all the other ones could be trampled on by the government. Our founding fathers put that in so that the goernment would not become tyrannical, or dictatorial. They gave the People the power to stand up to the government.

  2. Mr. Sochin, What part of … the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed did you not get? the second amendment actually reads: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." You conveniently left half of it out. Typical of a government's this blog is another way to to manipulate the people. Goverments always lie!

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