Tim Meerbott is running for mayor of Cutler Bay

By Gary Alan Ruse….

Tim Meerbott

Tim Meerbott, who currently is the Seat 1 Cutler Bay Village Council member, is running for the open seat of mayor in the Nov. 2 election.
A lifelong resident, Meerbott is a graduate of Southridge Senior High and went on to the University of Florida and Florida International University where he earned a degree in economics. After college, he chose to stay in Cutler Bay to raise a family. Married to his wife, Cosette, for 23 years, they have two sons, Lance and Kyle.
Meerbott is running for mayor because he believes Cutler Bay deserves better.
“We deserve to get great service for our property taxes and fees,” he said. “We deserve great schools in our community, especially a public high school, and we deserve great parks with great programs. I am proud to be a lifelong ‘Ridge Rat’ having attended the local public schools and churches and as the first elected official in the town’s history, I have learned what makes good policy and what brings results to our community.
“Each year at budget time, I have made and passed cost-saving measures to our budget, because I watch the bottom line like a hawk. I have worked with my peers from neighboring communities and with our local school board member to bring about cutting edge policy decisions for the region,” Meerbott added. “Working well with neighbors and elected peers gives us results like a well-trained team so that’s why Mayor Paul Vrooman endorsed me in this race.”
Meerbott believes that his background and skills will help him in the job of mayor.
“Experience counts and as the council’s business liaison and ambassador I work with relocating businesses to streamline the process for them. New businesses have relocated here and contributed to our community fabric and to our tax base,” he said. “This is crucial to the success of our young town.
“My demeanor as a team player and positive person make me the best suited to serve as Cutler Bay’s next mayor. The Hispanic Police Officers Association has endorsed me and the PBA has co-endorsed me. I am proud to be the only home-grown candidate in this. Public service is in my blood and I am dedicated to bringing that to the table.”
Meerbott outlined his goals for the town if he is elected.
“My top priority is ensuring that we keep taxes as low as possible,” he said. “These are tough economic times. We are all tightening our belts at home and government needs to do the same. This year I put forth and passed over $300,000 in budget cuts in our town. Our budget must be lean and we must treat each taxpayer dollar as the precious commodity it is.
“My second priority is improving the quality of schools in the community for our kids and for our businesses’ benefits. I am working with board member Dr. Larry Feldman because our kids and families deserve better quality schools to allow us to compete in this global economy and in the local job market.”
He stated that he also is concerned about parks and public safety. He wants to lead the charge to acquire additional parklands both for play and for nature.
“We will work together to make mini parks in individual communities while maintaining public safety and police patrols everywhere,” Meerbott said. “Cutler Bay’s primary needs are keeping taxes low while providing quality services, increasing and maintaining green park space and improving elderly services for our most precious residents, our retirees.”
Professionally, Meerbott is a senior division manager with Allstate Dealer Services. There, extensive business training helped him earn him six Sigma Black Belts with the company.
“I know Cutler Bay deserves a leader that understands the unique character of our community and a leader that will work to preserve and improve it,” he said. “I am raising my children here because I love this community which my family has called home for over 60 years. I love what I do as your councilman and I will be honored to serve as this community’s next mayor if the voters decide to elect me.
“I am honest, accessible and fair and that’s going to stay the same when I am Cutler Bay’s mayor. I am up for the challenge and I hope the voters agree that I am the best-qualified candidate in the race because of my experience and skills. Thanks for having allowed me to serve all this time, Cutler Bay.”
For more information visit Meerbott’s website at http://timmeerbott.com/.

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