Having tremendous wealth can be such a burden

Having tremendous wealth can be such a burdenI am sorry to say that I will be selling my $350 million yacht and $100 million airplane because, according to Bruce Makowski, a builder of luxury homes costing as much as $250 million, it simply doesn’t make sense for me to live in a home that cost less than $20 -30 million.

How embarrassing! He is now offering a home for sale with 12 bedroom suites, 21 bathrooms, five bars, three gourmet kitchens, a 40-seat movie theater and a bowling alley as well as a fleet of exotic and vintage cars worth over $30 million.

What caught my eye about this particular article appearing in a local newspaper was that in the same edition they mentioned that Camillus

House no longer will be offering showers and meals to the homeless during the day. Well I guess they should consider selling their yachts and airplanes as well.

For the time being, I will learn to suffer with only three bedrooms, two baths, a beautiful view of my neighbors back fence and an excellent security system staffed by 10 nearby barking dogs. I really don’t need any more, (so please, ADT stop calling.)

I admit getting emotional after going through the obituaries in each day’s newspaper and then looking at the homes for sale section showing many many cheap homes, some for less than $15 million. Well I guess everyone needs a place to live.

As for the fleet of vintage cars offered with this mansion, I can simply offset that by keeping the two clunkers that I own for a few more years, at which time they will become classics. So, you see, I am not that bad off. If I need a shower at Camillus House I will simply wait for the evening to go there and not be denied my request.

I know this all sounds facetious and envious but I really struggle to understand how in a country as great as ours, that there are people going hungry, people who cannot afford medical care, and amazingly, people that cannot take a shower when they need one.

I am not saying that someone who has worked hard all their life to accumulate some money shouldn’t be allowed the benefits of a better lifestyle, but a 40-seat movie theater, 21 bathrooms, etc. seems a little over the top.

Of course our new president will make sure that these people are not hurt by paying higher taxes than you or I pay. I certainly feel better about that. I know, I am beginning to sound like a socialist/communist, and that is not good, but dammit there must be a way of balancing the wealth in this country a little more equitably than is now being done.

I truly don’t think that everyone should have 21 bathrooms, but I do think that everyone should have the availability of the finest medical care that this country can offer, regardless of cost. We do have available in this wonderful country of ours all of the medicines and technology to see that no one goes without at least some healthcare.

There are those that say, let them go out and earn it. Of course the answer to that is jobs, jobs, jobs — if only it were that simple. When we place ourselves as citizens of the world, an awful lot of jobs are being provided to people in other countries, even by people like our present president. Fine, those people have a right to life as much as we do, regardless of their political or religious beliefs, but they are still people, especially the children!

Those of you who are interested in purchasing my yacht or airplane please send an envelope with at least $100,000 in cash to me. I promise to evaluate each and every proposal and then keep all the money before making a decision. I may use some of this money to have autographed pictures of me produced that can be marketed beautifully framed at Nordstrom’s. They had better be prepared to sell them, or who knows what I might say.

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