Turn signals: why should you tell other drivers where you’re going

Turn signals: why should you tell other drivers where you're going

Driving in Miami-Dade County

There has been a lot written in our local papers lately about the fact that very few people bother to use their directional lights even though it only requires a little flick of a switch on the steering wheel.

I for one have sympathy for those who do not use their lights.

I find that many times I end up making a left turn off the road. What does this tell the Russians and our own security people about my thinking? Could it be that I am a left-leaning, socialist, communist, or other type of evil person and why would I want to give this away?

I also on occasion make a right turn. This is obviously a signal to all of my liberal friends that I am leaning towards the conservative. I might lose a few friends that way. My best advice — don’t use your lights at all.

Notice that you never have to signal if you’re going up the hill or down. Why not have an up and down arrow on your dashboard to tell people in front of you and behind you what your intentions are for that.

In New England, where I received my drivers license, it was necessary to open your window and signal using your hand and arm. If you think this was fun when the temperature was in the teens, you are wrong. At least these people have an excuse to not use direction signals.

Here is another tip for South Florida drivers: if you are in one lane and need to move to another, just stick your nose in front of the other cars and eventually you will be in that lane. If you forget and use your directional signals, that is simply a message to the people in the other lane to close up any possible gaps.

What could happen if you and a few other people are able to change lanes, these folks will arrive at their destination perhaps several car lengths late. With time moving as fast as it is now we simply cannot afford any more delays.

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4 Comments on "Turn signals: why should you tell other drivers where you’re going"

  1. Elliot Hershoff | July 8, 2017 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    to avoid a possible fender-bender plus it’s the law.

  2. a. nonymous | July 9, 2017 at 1:37 am | Reply

    you are an imbecile.

  3. Hi Ernie Being a New Englander tried and true. where were you from.
    Go Pats

  4. Common curt icy goes along way! Besides, you are obeying the law.

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