Why all these disasters? God must be angry at us

By Ernie Sochin….

George Burns played this role some years ago.

God is angry! He must be or why would we be experiencing all these earthquakes, floods, nuclear disasters, hurricanes, etc.?

But what is he so angry about? Those “God Hates Fags” people at the Westboro Church in Topeka, KS, believe it is because we allow gays in the military. Other church leaders say it is because we allow gays to marry and some insist it is because we don’t pray in school. Could be all of the above, but for one reason or another he really is upset.

According to Scripture, I believe in Ernest 1.26, we are created in the image of God. (Looking at me, I guess he isn’t as handsome as we all thought.)

“Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

(There sure are a lot of creeping things on earth.)

That being the case, I guess I am allowed to think like God so here is my take on all this anger.

I think that I would be is really upset at all these people who claim that their particular way of praying is the only way and anyone else needs to be blown up or at the very least converted. Millions of people have died over the last millennium, dying for God and Country, always believing that God is on their side.

OK, these would be my rules once I am given the position of Most High. No more fighting or killing in my name. It takes me just too long to reassemble all those blown up martyrs and victims of violence, and what good are they to me up here in little pieces.

All of you who are spending a fortune finding different ways to pray to me and building those large buildings in my name,  please STOP! Use that money to help the less fortunate among you. I just can’t help everybody. There are just so many hours in the day, even up here. Remember, I have a whole universe to run.

I don’t need any ego gratification. After all, I am the Most High. I would rather you take all the wonderful stuff I have given you, i.e., plenty of space, water, food, animals, etc and see that everyone, even gay people, are allowed to live without wanting for anything.

I really gave you enough to share so why do some have tons of stuff that they can’t possibly use and others go begging. This really makes me angry enough to start another flood. If you are going to mess around with my atoms, please make sure you know what you are doing. This is dangerous stuff for you humans to play with. Perhaps you should use more of this sun that I gave you. I didn’t put it there just to light up your sky.

Remember, I gave you just this little tiny globe which you call earth so that you can live amongst one another in peace. I have billions of other planets, bigger and better than yours and I might just want to start all over again somewhere else.

So please folks, loosen up a bit, look at your fellow man, regardless of what he or she looks like, and think of what you can do for them and then shape up or WATCH OUT!!!  KaBoooommmm!!!

The image of God.

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