why Smoke When You Can “Vape”

18901 S.W. 106 Ave., Suite 115, Miami, FL 33157. 305-233-2551 www.VaporSteve.com

18901 S.W. 106 Ave., Suite 115, Miami, FL 33157. 305-233-2551 www.VaporSteve.com

Not just another “vapor” store around the corner. The Vapor Shack has been a hidden secret, in Cutler Bay, for almost a year now. Located tucked away in Cutler Centre, across from BJs on Marlin Road, it truly is a well kept gem. Steven aka “Vapor Steve” and Sheila Gomez bought this existing business in December and in less than 3 months transformed it into a thriving “vapor” store that truly care about their customer’s needs. About a year ago, Steven couldn’t resist going full force into the “vapor electronic cigarette” industry when using this incredible device his wife, Sheila, quit smoking after 25 years. Steven and Sheila wanted a full service “vapor” store that offered top of the line E-Cigs with varieties ranging for “first-time vapors” to experienced “vaping socialites” at extremely competitive pricing. Realizing from the start that a huge part of someone being able to wean themselves from harmful tobacco cigarettes and choose a healthier alternative like the electronic cigarette, Steven knew he must offer high quality “vaping” products at all times and perfect the ELiquid that is used to form the “vape” in the E-Cig. It turned out that Steven is an absolute PRO at developing new ELiquid Flavors and provides the best taste and satisfaction to his customers. Because of Steven’s expertise, The Vapor Shack offers more than 220 different E-Liquid flavors with many, of which, unique flavors created by Vapor Steve himself. He uses the standard blend 50/50 base of PG (Vegetable Glycerin) & VG (Vegetable Glycerin), nicotine level of the customer’s choice, and elite flavors to create the most absolute mouth-watering experience. Among the huge variety, made fresh daily, they also offer “Custom E-Liquid Mixing” where a customer can pick how they want their E-Liquid blended. It really is cool how a customer can walk into the store, or call ahead, and ask for a Banana-Strawberry mix, have extra Banana flavor added, nicotine level of their choice added, have different levels of PG & VG mixed and get exactly what they ask for at the same low price of “Vapor Steve” already blended formulas. Vapor Steve’s E-Liquids are so tasty that Vapor Stores across the United States are now carrying his created blends. All of The Vapor Shack’s E-Liquids offered are prepared in the store daily, with U.S. grade products, by “Vapor Steve” and his team of protégés. It was very important to Steven, when he decided to blend custom E-Liquids for their customers that the customer actually receives the best possible product and service. Steven and Sheila, both, understand completely that giving up tobacco cigarettes is not easy and they want to make sure that their customer’s choice to make the transition goes as smooth as possible. To top it off, The Vapor Shack, not only offers excellent prices, one-of-a-kind E-Liquids, and exceptional professional service to their customers, they also offer an incredible “Customer Loyalty Program“, allowing every customer to qualify for discounted and free products. Being that The Vapor Shack is open 7 days a week….be sure to stop by, relax, hang out at the “vapor” station and taste some of the “Vapor Steve” custom “blow-you-away” flavors.

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