World Business Brokers continues leadership in mergers, acquisitions

World Business Brokers continues leadership in mergers, acquisitions

Michael Schuster

While daunting terms like “fiscal cliff” and “debt ceiling” get bandied around Washington, DC, in sunny South Florida, World Business Brokers has seen double the activity in the first month of 2013 and continues its ascension as one of the nation’s leading mergers and acquisitions firms serving a diverse international clientele since 1970.

“World Business Brokers has handled over a billion dollars worth of transactions in the past 45 years,” said WBBI executive vice president Michael Schuster. “What our success means to the prospective business seller is that we have a data base of over 14,000 prequalified buyers from around the world to choose from, many of whom are repeat buyers with multiple businesses.”

Schuster is a University of Miami graduate who majored in finance and transportation. He comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs and now a proven intermediary. When Schuster joined WBBI and president Dean Sena, he brought more than 25 years of experience in executive management as a former CFO, as well as an extensive real estate background.

“We are not a franchise,” Schuster said. “We are one of the only brokers in the state of Florida who have their own database of global buyers through its affiliate offices around the world. What keeps us in business is the secret service nature of how we handle the businesses of our clients and pre qualify buyers.”

World Business Brokers allows clients to confidentially explore opportunities without any chance of leaks or breaches in confidentiality occurring, according to Schuster.

“One of the biggest decisions a business person will make is the selling of their company,” Schuster said. “We are an established intermediary with a long term track record. We take pride in alleviating the burden of negotiating an exit strategy for families preparing for retirement, or assisting entrepreneurs in new market potential.”

President of WBB Sena said Miami is “the international melting pot of money and therefore business continues its uptick in the new year because we are the Gateway to the Americas and beyond. Multiples being paid for businesses are at their highest level. One business just recently sold for 14 times its net income. Demand for businesses is a direct result of a high supply of buyers seeking businesses. We have more buyers than sellers.”

World Business Brokers is currently opening satellite offices in Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Naples and Tampa under the leadership of Schuster while founder and president Sena continues to manage the Miami home office.

For more information on World Business Brokers Inc. contact Dean Sena at 305-670-6565 or send email to

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