El Gran Inka in Key Biscayne

I have written before about Peruvian food and how amazing it can be. This time, driving to the beach in Key Biscayne I found El Gran Inka, I heard about this place before but I was not excited about it mostly because I am not a big fan of chain restaurants and El Gran Inka has already three locations, however I was impressed by this little restaurant in Key Biscayne.

606 Crandon Boulevard
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Starting with ceviche trilogy, like I said it before Peru has an immense variety of peppers and it shows with this dish beautifully served: rocoto ceviche, a little spicy and pink color, aji Amarillo ceviche (yellow) and traditional ceviche, a four bowl with sweet potato and sweet Peruvian corn complements the plate as seen in the picture.

Another recommendation to start is stuffed yuquitas (Fried Stuffed Yucca) in two ways: cheese and lomito saltado (Flank Steak), absolutely delicious and a perfect portion size.

Main dish? Anyone? Well, Aji de gallina: It is prepared with peanut oil so be careful if you are allergic to peanuts but in the case that you’re not, please give it a try, it is a total OMG! Plate and I have tried Aji de gallina in many places, and despite this is not the best I have had; It is absolutely delicious and who knows! Maybe the peanut dash makes it perfect to more than one of you out there!

Finally my visit to El Gran Inka was crowned with this jewel on the crest or as commonly said a cherry on top… well, not really, but with something better: passion fruit tart, creamy, aromatic, homemade, pretty… a mystic indulgence of the tropic in the Miami!

I have to say El Gran Inka is perfect for a Saturday afternoon date: expensive, pretty, classy and very close to the beach… Ideal to make a great impression! And guess what? You don’t need to make a reservation. El Gran Inka in Key Biscayne has it all and I love that!

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Jenny Lizarraga
Jenny Lizarraga was born in Honduras, she has a degree in food science and is also a translator from English to Spanish member of the American Translators Association. She lived in Chicago for around 5 years where she became more passionate about food, culture and cuisine. Traveling around the world for work she discovered the richness in culture in Spain, South America and United States. She lives in Miami, FL with her husband, Jenny wants to share with the world her experiences in restaurants and let the community know about the best kept secrets in town where you don't need a reservation. Her blog is at anytimefoodwithjen.blogspot.com

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