2016 Jaguar F- Type offers speed and striking design

2016 Jaguar F- Type offers speed and striking design

The MSRP for the 2016 Jaguar F-Type starts at $65,000.

If you love sports cars, the 2016 Jaguar F-Type should be on the top of your list for consideration. In fact, you would probably have a hard time finding a better, faster, stronger and more attractive sports car than the new F-Type.

There is no denying this is one stunning and fast car capable of a zero to 60 time of 3.4 seconds. The 2016 F-Type actually is the most powerful production model Jaguar has ever created, boasting 550 horsepower and 6,500 rpm.

Aside from a fast ride, the F-Type is extremely responsive, reacting to even the slightest steering inputs. The same can be said about its ability to break, which can bring the F-Type to a quick halt. Which is crucial, considering that the F-Type can reach speeds up to 186 mph.

Although the F-Type’s speed is one of its main selling points, there is no denying its unique and beautiful aesthetics are among its best features. The F-Type has sleek curves that look incredibly muscular. What enhances these curves that come to a tapered end at the rear is actually what the F-Type lacks — a spoiler.

Instead, Jaguar has built the F-Type with a much more sophisticated way of reducing lift through an air deflector that rises only when the vehicle exceeds 70 mph. Not only is this feature smart and easier on the eyes than a spoiler, but it is also effective — capable of reducing lift by about 265 pounds.

An even more interesting feature though, is the F-Type’s lack of door handles. Instead of unsightly external handles that would ruin the exterior’s smooth silhouette, Jaguar fitted the F-Type with door handles that sit flush against the door. When pushed by your finger or the key fob, the handle pops out at an angle, inviting you in.

The interior of the F-Type is what you would want to find in a sports car; cockpit — style interior with secure seating that provides a comfortable amount of head and legroom. Of course, the seats are specially designed to keep you supported and comfortable during tight turns.

The styling, however, is much different from your traditional Jaguar. There are no wood accents or much else that would allude to Jaguar. But, that does not make it any less luxurious or beautiful. The F-Type’s interior is simple and modern with swooping lines similar to that of the exterior. The control panel is a great feature — keeping the bells and whistles to a minimum. Like F-Type’s door handles, the simplistic controls don’t interrupt the F-Type’s smooth styling.

There are few other sports cars that are as stunning and as enjoyable to drive as the 2016 F-Type. With a zero to 60 time of 3.4 seconds and smart and aesthetically pleasing features such as its hidden spoiler and handles, the F-Type stands out against other sports cars. When it comes to the competition, the F-Type leaves other sports cars in the dust.

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