A Holistic Approach to Care at Pierini Esthetic Center

A Holistic Approach to Care at Pierini Esthetic CenterPierini Esthetic Surgery Center in Doral looks at beauty differently. The newly expanded 14,000 ft. facility at 8353 NW 36 St in Doral takes a holistic approach to treating patients.

“Every patient is unique,” said executive director and Venezuelan plastic surgeon Dr. Alberto Pierini. “So treatments are tailored to the dynamic needs of each particular case.”

The integrated holistic approach the center is known for means that from the moment a prospective client walks through the door until they have completed procedure recovery, they are in the capable hands of the Pierini Esthetic team.

“We work hard so the patient has no issues…not before, not during, or after surgery,” said former University of Miami Fellowship recipient, Dr. Pierini. “Our staff is here to make sure the patient has a pleasant experience throughout.”

The classic cosmetic surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, rhinoplasty, and tummy tuck are available, including a specialization in the popular Brazilian Butt Lift. Non-surgical treatments such as massages, facials, body wraps, virtual gastric bypass and reflexology utilize the latest advances for the optimal beauty result.

The difference in care at Pierini Esthetic Center includes massage and yoga classes at the spa and counseling session options for patients struggling with body issues.

“We are here to solve your problems,” said Dr. Pierini. “We treat you not as a patient, but as a friend. This is why we start with a detailed overall aesthetic interview. If you are dealing with any underlying emotional issues, we are happy to give that kind of support as well.”

Perhaps Dr. Pierini’s attentive bedside manner comes from the nearly 40 years of experience he brings to the center. Dr. Pierini received his medical degree from the University of Cordoba in Argentina and then went on to receive a Venezuelan medical degree. He completed his post-graduate work in general surgery, maxillofacial and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Many years of his career were devoted to helping beauty contestants like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Venezuela, Miss Aruba, Miss Curacao, and others achieve their titles. He has also consulted privately with internationally renowned models and performance artists.

The Third Level Board of Medicine Certification means Pierini Esthetic Center can boast a cadre of medical doctors well equipped to handle any situation. “Our diverse team of doctors is prepared to handle not only any physical condition we are addressing, but also personal challenges unique to the Latino community. We have physicians from all backgrounds to make sure every patient is supremely comfortable,” said Dr. Pierini.

Pierini Esthetic Center is also committed to serving the good health of the cosmetic surgery industry. French Silicone breast implant patient victims have come to Pierini in hopes of correcting a bad procedure. “These implants were never accepted in the US but very common in Latin American countries. Many patients have been affected and we are helping them because we understand part of our purpose here is to give back. We also assist patients suffering from biopolymers injection in their body.”

For more information on Pierini Esthetic Center visit pieriniesthetic.com or call 305-303-3872.

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