Changing the Mind of a Nation – Por Que Crear en Colombia

pedroMr. Pedro Medina founder of the foundation, Yo Creo en Colombia, will present the conference – Changing the Mind of A Nation – Por Qué Crear en Colombia at FIU’s Graham Center Auditorium on March 17 at noon. This is a free event open to all the public.

The initiative called Yo creo en Colombia and Yo creo en América Latina – I believe in Latin America starts with a premise and a firm conviction that when we, Latin Americans realize that our common denominator is strong enough as pillars to a platform of trust, we will unleash our power and build collectively a better present and a better future.

We do asset based development instead of problem based development and create tipping point effects. In Colombia, we have invested 15 years in creating and refining a model of engagement which builds collective self esteem and promotes social capital.

Por Colombia and AIESEC, both students organizations in FIU that promote leadership and international understanding are joining efforts with local entrepreneurs to present this conference to the public.


A powerful influence for Positive Change Yo Creo en Colombia, a grassroots initiative, empowers Colombians to understand their country’s achievements, potential and resources and to leverage those to build a fair, competitive and inclusive nation. From 1999 to 2004, Medina and his team – three full-time employees and 1,900 volunteers – traveled around the world to deliver more than 5,150 programs to Colombians living in Colombia and abroad in 157 cities and 26 countries. As a result of their efforts, more than 680,000 Colombians have benefited from the organization’s programs.

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  1. OMAR SANCHEZ | March 10, 2014 at 7:29 pm | Reply

    Interesantisima esta conferencia que se llevara a cabo el dia lunes 17 de Marzo a las 12:00 m en el salon Mandique de la FIU 107 AV SW 12 ST.

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