DBC Forum kicks off with dynamic new chair

DBC Forum kicks off with dynamic new chair

(L-r: front row): Nubielena Medina, Laura Kelly, Marianella Watanabe, Marti Bueso, Pilar Sanchez and Reza Ray. (L-r, top row): Gloria Burns, Debbie Adams, Deborah Mayo, Andy Gonzalez, Iris Garcia, Aly Ramos, Sylvia Loesch, Armando Fernandez, Alexandra Rider, John Burns, Martica Verdeja, Al Naon Jr.

It is an early cold (okay, okay, I mean the “Florida definition of cold”) Wednesday morning and I am arriving at Sergio’s Doral.

The aroma of delicious Cuban coffee greets me at the door and through the glass in the private room to my right I see my Forum group peers in animated conversations. We have our second meeting of the year which is divided into introductions, educational moment, business presentations, testimonials and announcements.

By the time the meeting is over, I feel inspired, energized and I have a plan to tackle the business challenges of my week. Pilar Sanchez, business coach with ActionCOACH is the new Chair for 2016 and I have known her for a couple of years now. Originally from Uruguay, she has studied Organizational Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and also has a degree in International Relations.

Dynamic and a results driven professional, Pilar with her pragmatic approach is always identifying opportunities for growth and improvement for the clients she coaches. She is also a very generous contributor of fresh ideas to our group due to her empathy and listening skills. So, at the end of the meeting, I decided to approach Pilar, have a conversation with her and this is my report to you of my attempt to impersonate Diane Sawyer:

DSWB (Diane Sawyer WannaBe: that is me): What is your vision for this year?
Pilar: That the group grows to 40 members, that our members’ business successes are documented and tracked and that by the end of the year, we all can say that we have established a relationship of trust and friendship with each other.

DSWB: How do you feel about the chairmanship?
Pilar: I am excited about this challenge. I feel grateful for all the Chairs that have led our group in previous years and especially for our immediate past Chair Maria Martinez who did an amazing job last year. Those are big shoes to fill but I am committed to do my best.

DSWB: At the end of the year, how would you like to see our group?
Pilar: A strong group that thrives, where every member receives a return on investment and has formed strong alliances and partnerships.

DSWB: Do you have a message for my viewers?
Pilar: Yes, I would like to invite business owners and professionals to join us. I would also like to introduce the Forum Steering Committee: Membership, Nella Watanabe (Comcast); Attendance, Laura Kelly (Laura Kelly, P.A., Immigration Attorney); PR/ Communications, Armando Fernandez (Portfolio Square) and Alexandra Rider (Miami Chapter, U. S., National Committee for UN Women); Education, Nubielena Medina (NMG Consulting); Special Events, Martica Verdeja (Martica’s Sweet Creations); Referrals Tracking, John Burns (IPA Family).

Remember we meet at Sergio’s Restaurant Doral, 1640 NW 87 Ave. for breakfast, the first and third Wednesday of the month from 7:15 to 9 a.m. The food is great, (they even have the Flaca menu to help us keep our new year’s resolution) and their prices are very competitive.
I gave Pilar a hug and left thinking how fortunate we are at the DBC Forum for having a group that encompasses human qualities and business savvy. This reminds me of Henry Ford’s quote: “You can take my factories, burn up my buildings, but give me my people and I’ll build the business right back again.” And I know he was right.

DBC Forum is a committee that operates as a lead group for its participating members, sharing business leads, referrals and information of value to promote business for its members and the community. For more information, contact:

Pilar Sanchez pilarsanchez@actioncoach.com or tel. 786-205-4001; Nella Watanabe marianella_watanabe@cable.comcast.com or tel. 305-849-3587, or contact any member.

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