Doral Business Council is a great choice

Nowadays, many companies are looking to local business organizations as sources for networking and sales opportunities. However, selecting the appropriate organization that has the best profile and programs for your business may require some investigation and research.

The ideal organization should have a mix of elements that give you and your company access to successful entrepreneurs and other influential individuals in the community. Additionally, it should provide the environment, exposure, education and qualified contacts that allow you to develop relationships that result in tangible business opportunities.

Financial reward is not the only reason to join a local business council. There are many other benefits for members. You can learn about best practices and get new ideas from members, publications and programs. These opportunities will enhance your professional career and give you a competitive edge.

When selecting the right organization for your business, consider the following questions:

• Does the organization offer free training and seminars to educate its members and the business community?

• Are there opportunities for members to actively participate in industry-related committees that will make members fully aware of legislation at the local, state and federal levels, which may impact the economy and local businesses environment?

• Is the organization involved in the economic development of the local community?

• Is it a not-for profit organization with a formal Board of Directors who are active community leaders?

Take the time investigate, talk to members, ask questions and if possible, attend an event as a guest before making a commitment. Keep in mind: this is not simply about a membership; this is about making an investment, and your return on investment is an important consideration in your decision- making process.

Since the formation of the City of Doral, the Doral Business Council (DBC) has been a force for economic development, increased business awareness and professional development. With a vibrant corporate and individual membership base, the DBC produces more than 50 events per year and is one of the leading advocates for executives, business owners and entrepreneurs in the region.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of 13 leading business executives that are actively dedicated to the great Doral business community. With more than 10 active committees, the DBC is always ready to support your business efforts. It is the only business council endorsed by the City of Doral (Resolution No. 04-65). This is not only an honor; but a tribute to all members of the DBC.

Whether the DBC is dealing with a large company or a small business owner, our commitment is the same. We will work hard for you and represent you ethically, professionally and with integrity in all of our actions.

Please feel free to contact the Doral Business Council, and we will be honored to have you as special guest in our next event. Come, meet and mingle with some of the most interesting and successful people in our community.

The search and the decision are simple… Doral Business Council is the perfect fit for your company, your investment and your future.

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