Doral Proposes Tighter Traffic Flow Regulations


Story By: Evan Owen, the Communications and Protocol Manager for the City of Doral

The Doral City Council unanimously approved the first reading of a new City Ordinance requiring a Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) permit for any construction project that would obstruct or close roads and sidewalks or impede the flow of traffic in Doral. The item, proposed by Vice Mayor Christi Fraga and supported by Mayor Luigi Boria and Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz can level a fine of $250 per violation, per day.

Requiring a MOT for lane and sidewalk closures allows Doral Public Works, Code Compliance and Police Departments to coordinate when closing roadways can take place, as well as supervise their timely completion.

“This ordinance is meant to establish a policy by which the City can help alleviate the traffic that results from lane and/or sidewalk roadway closures,” declared Vice Mayor Fraga. “This policy will therefore help us to better manage traffic flows in-and-around the City,” she added.

Plans of the construction work and how it impacts traffic will be reviewed by the Public Works Department. Fees will be assessed based on the number of lanes or sidewalks closed. Any construction without a permit will have to pay quadruple the fees.

“Doral enjoys great economic growth,” observed City Manager Edward Rojas. “This ordinance ensures that Doral knows about every construction project within the City that might impact the flow of traffic.”   


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