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Do you know the requirements for the University of Alabama?

Yes. The ACT starts with a 21 and the SAT 1000 with a GPA of 3.0.

Why are Alabama’s scores so low? Is it a good university?

I can only give you my opinion on the admission requirements; The University of Alabama has low requirements because, unlike Florida, they lack the state population of future applicants, so they welcome out-ofstate students. I am very impressed with the academics and campus life.

What is your opinion of Georgetown?

I think it’s one of the best universities in the nation. There are more than 700 full-time faculty members. Georgetown has first rate graduate and research programs and is a liberal arts Jesuit institution, and opens its doors to all faiths. Georgetown’s many majors include the Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business, the Edmund A.D. Walsh School of Foreign Service. The Georgetown School of Nursing and Health Studies is a leader in diverse health care education and research. Students pursue research with faculty and meet premed requirements, and complete minors in many subjects. Many students graduate and go on to medical research, nursing, public health management and many other fields. Minors under the School of Nursing and Health Studies include Health Care Management and Policy, Human Science and International Health Nursing.


Is it possible to get an interview with Georgetown?

Yes. Interviews are not on Georgetown’s campus, but are conducted in the region where you live.

Can you explain exactly where Georgetown is located; my daughter says it is near the White House; is this true?

Georgetown University’s 110-acre campus overlooks the north corner of Washington, D.C. When you visit Georgetown, you are truly impressed with the feeling of being in a great university, and tours are given throughout the year.

Does Georgetown accept students with disabilities?

Yes. Special services are available for students with many different types of disabilities. Call the Academic Resource Center at 202-687-8354. I really want a private dorm room for my freshmen year, but my parents insist that it must be a dorm with several students.

What is your opinion?

I agree with your parents. It is my experience that kids who have had private rooms have difficultly socializing. I remember that one of my students had the end room in a dorm at the University of Pennsylvania and didn’t know one student on his floor. Within three months, he was calling me and asking if he should leave the university. My answer was absolutely not. Get out there and join a few organizations. Next semester get a two or three roommates if you have to and make friends. My former student did just that and today he is a successful attorney. But, he learned an important lesson.

Toby Rose is president of Toby Rose’s College Prep. She is an independent college counselor, was a Dade County Outstanding Teacher and served as chairperson of the Dade County School Board Academic Advisory Committee. Rose may be contacted by calling 305-238-7737, by email at or via the Internet at

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