Fast start your 2012

The beginning of the New Year is always filled with great anticipation, hope and determination. We typically begin fired up and are ready to conquer the world. We tell ourselves this will be the year I will “finally” reach my goals. Sadly though, by January 31st, we revert back to our old ways of not doing the things we need to do to be successful and again frustration sets in. The good news is that this doesn’t have to happen. 2012 can be the turning point for you as long as you get off to a fast start.

January 1st is known as the great equalizer. Everyone starts at zero. You have a golden opportunity to accomplish feats you’ve never reached before. Your responsibility is to set realistic goals and develop the actions plans necessary to implement immediately. The best favor you can do yourself is to share your goals and objectives with a trusted friend, advisor, mentor, etc. and ask them to hold you accountable for the implementation and follow-up you will need.

Here’s a thought; Why not shorten your year to 3 months as oppose to 12 months. Create a sense of urgency in your day to day, hour to hour activities. What you’ll find is that you won’t have any time to waste. Once you’ve accomplished the goal, make sure to reward yourself. Along the way, it’s also important that you acknowledge the small victories achieved on the path to the bigger prize. This will keep you motivated.

As you move forward, I suggest you follow a process that will serve as a blueprint to accomplishing all the goals you’ve set for yourself next year and here it is:

1. Decide exactly what you want in every key area of your life

2. Write it down

3. Set a deadline

4. Identify the obstacles that you will have to overcome to achieve your goal

5. Identify the knowledge, information and skills you will need to achieve your goal

6. Identify the people whose help and cooperation you will require to achieve your goal.

7. Make a list of everything you will have to do to achieve your goal

8. Organize your list in to a plan. You organize this list by arranging the steps that you have identified by sequence and priority

9. Make a plan. Organize your list into a series of steps from the beginning all the way through to the completion of your goal.

10. Select your number one, most important task for each day.

11. Develop the habit of self-discipline

12. Practice visualization on your goals

13. Decide upon your major definite purpose

Decide exactly what you want, write it down, make a plan and work on it every single day. When all is said and done, you’ll have to look at yourself in the mirror and answer that one pressing question” Have I given it my best effort today? If the answer is yes, you’re definitely on your way to achieving everything you want but don’t wait, make sure you get yourself off to a fast start in 2012.

Pete De La Torre, President/CEO, The Renatus Group, LLC.

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Pete de la Torre
Pete De La Torre is president/CEO of the Renatus Group, an organization that specializes in reinventing business opportunities through consulting, business facilitation and training. He may be contacted at 305-490-2348 or by sending email to

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