Garcia seeks out Homestead Exemption fraud

In less than two months since being sworn in as Miami-Dade County’s Property Appraiser, Pedro J. Garcia has moved quickly to resolve the backlog of cases that are pending investigation. Up on returning to the office , one of my top priorities has been to eliminate the backlog of cases and catch those that are committing Homestead Fraud,” said Garcia, recently elected to the Miami-Dade County position.

There are approximately 3,000 pending cases that may be in violation of exemption fraud. Garcia has sent a detailed letter with a required questionnaire to these property owners, necessary for those owners to maintain any exemption.

“While it is the responsibility of the property in their homestead status, we are giving them this opportunity to provide us with the information needed to maintain their exemption status,” said Garcia. Any person lose their Homestead Exemption and be subject to a lien with 50% penalty plus 15% interest.

“Eliminating fraudulent Homestead Exemption helps all property owners by ensuring that anyone not entitled to an exemption pays their fair share,” said Garcia. “Any property owner that receives the “Pending Investigation” letter may directly contact our Investigations Section at 305-375-4313.”

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