Grow… One connection at a time

Grow... One connection at a timeI’d like to share with you how the Doral Business Council (DBC) has helped me grow my business over the last five years and generate more than $1 million in gross revenue. I’ll give you one hint: Be engaged.

As a DBC member, ask yourself these questions: Am I fully engaged in our organization? Am I taking full advantage of what the DBC has to offer? Am I getting a fair return on my investment?

Consider these facts as you ponder and answer those questions:

The DBC provides the right venue to grow your business and meet and connect with people facing the same business challenges that you do. These opportunities are enhanced in an environment that goes well beyond a simple networking event. Actual business is transacted by those DBC members who take time to participate and build lasting business relationships.

The DBC provides an educational forum to help business owners and executives boost their knowledge and, more importantly, increase their bottom lines. Additionally, the international business alliances help members expand their reach beyond our shores. This means new markets, new products and new opportunities to grow.

The Council offers various support and assistance to make your life easier and your business more profitable. But, if you don’t get engaged, you’ll miss out on these many benefits.

As I mentioned in the last edition of the Chairman’s Corner, there are many ways you can get engaged. Have you thought about joining one of our 12 active committees? This forum gives you the opportunity to interact with other members at all levels, including Basic, Corporate and Trustee, in a small group setting, targeting new business opportunities.

If you haven’t been to our Signature Breakfast, I urge you to come one morning and let our ambassadors help you meet and connect with other members who can be instrumental in the future of your company.

How about our educational training sessions, which provide the tools and advice you need to navigate the current state of the economy? Have you ever participated in the DBC after-hours event? This event is a great place to mingle with members and potential members to increase you’re networking contacts and business possibilities.

My friends, all of this is possible only if you commit to BE ENGAGED. Please give yourself the chance to grow, learn, foster new business opportunities and reach your goals and dreams for the future. There is so much to gain and learn. To ENGAGE or not to ENGAGE – that is the question. I hope you make the right decision.

Please feel free to contact me so I can tell you more about how the DBC helped my business. I will share more tips on how engagement, along with your personal commitment, will help you “grow…one connection at a time.”

Nelson Peñalver, Doral Business Council, Board Chairman 2013, can be reached at:

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