Highfield Career Institute is inspiring your future

Highfield allows people who have high aspirations to start a new career, regardless their economic and time commitments. We capitalize the factor that many of us take by granted, we are in the US and that provides with excellent opportunities to maximize our professional potential as long as we have the right education. Highfield Career Institute provides the tools to develop the maximum potential of its students.

We have experience in the technical education field that goes over 18 years now. Our experience is in helping people who want a better future to achieve their personal goals. We have been recognized internationally as an educational entity that works with people who want to improve their opportunities regardless of their social status or economic circumstances and we provide them with technical skills to become self-sufficient and self- dependent.

As part of this vision, Highfield has come to South Florida to make a difference in the education serving as a change agent to facilitate job placements by creating a new approach for health career opportunities. With the help of very important organizations as Endeavor, MIT among others, Highfield Career Institute found that the place where it could provide the greater impact to the community was here in South Florida.

Professional instructors in every classroom

Professional instructors in every classroom

Even though, the Miami Metropolitan area has many vocational schools, there are big differentiating factors that benefit students that choose Highfield Career Institute. We are driven by our students. The programs are designed around the needs of our students. This is not limited to schedules and fees; our curriculum has been designed by professionals on each on the fields. Our faculty is required to be working actively on the public or private health sector and they are aware of the current trends of the health care industry. Furthermore, all three founders of Highfield are recognized doctors of different specialties with experience in education, health administration and their own particular medical specialties. Another factor, is that our programs are designed to ensure that the non-English speaking student, becomes proficient on the technical English used in his/her career, avoiding false expectations of an education in Spanish, which may difficult the proficiency of the student once he or she starts working.

Our philosophy and methods have been tested in different places and for many years successfully. We have over 20,000 alumni from our different institutions, over 7,500 active students. Our campus in South Florida is located at 5555 West Flagler Street in Coral Gables, here we have open registration for the programs of Medical Coding and Office Specialist, Medical Transcribing and Business Support Specialist, NCLEX Examination Review for RN/LPN Professionals. Very soon, we will offer Practical Nursing, Patient Care Technician and Medical Assistant. Our Practical Nursing program has been endorsed by the Board of Nursing of Florida, and all of our educational programs are authorized by the Commission of Independent Education of Florida. All of our classes are designed to enable our graduates to find a job once they receive their diplomas.

Because of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), among other factors, these programs are in high demand. We are creating affiliations with important health care institutions to ensure that our students have not only the best professional practices during their career, but excellent hiring opportunities upon graduation.

Students receive hands-on training

Students receive hands-on training

Highfield Career Institute is 100% committed with our community. We have unique scholarship programs, we are organizing health fairs with the participation of our faculty and we have also several job opportunities coming up as our programs continue to grow. Because we have a long term commitment to this community and want to establish long lasting roots we have bought the facilities in which we operate, and we have equipped them with modern laboratories of ICU, ER, Newborn Pediatrics, Medical Offices, Testing simulators for NCLEX, Computer Lab, Medical mannequins and a modern library that provides space for group study, access to online resources. On top of that we count with on line materials for those students that have time limitations.

We will have an open house on Saturday April 19 starting at 10:00 AM.  During this open house we will offer free classes, provide information about scholarships and open our registration.  Let Highfield Career Institute to inspire your future. For information about Highfield please visit our webpage, www.highfieldedu.com  or call us at 305 842 2222.








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