If you want to lead, first lead yourself

Until you can lead yourself, you have no business trying to lead someone else. First of all, you will not be successful because others will sense your lack of assurance and self leadership. When you lead yourself, you become attractive to other people who sense something different about you and want to emulate your habits and lifestyle.

Over the years I have worked with thousands of bright professionals who have surrendered leadership of their lives to other people like their spouses, bosses or wellmeaning friends and advisors, when in fact, the only person who knows what is best for you is you.

Diana is a nurse I have been working with for the past several months. She first contacted me to help her with a challenging situation she was dealing with at work. She was feeling micro-managed by her supervisor who was constantly checking on her assignments. And she was dealing with a difficult co-worker who was undermining her efforts on an important project.

She had given up control to others and was tolerating many things unnecessarily. Her view from the inside was one of fear and disempowerment rather than confidence and certainty that she needed to be her best at her job.

We began with a few small changes to put Diana back in the driver’s seat in her own life. We started with her Tolerations. Tolerations are things that drain your time, space and energy. They are things that we accept, take on, or tolerate that drain our patience, productivity, effectiveness and contentment. In the process, they make us feel less attractive to ourselves. Examples of Tolerations are: frustrations, distractions, unfinished business, crossed boundaries, unmet needs, our own behavior or that of others.

What are you tolerating?

• Make a list of everything that you are tolerating. Take a few minutes to write it all down. As you think of more items, add them to your list.

• Becoming aware of and clearly identifying your tolerations will help you take action to resolve them. Focus on work/business, home environment, relationships, health and finances.

• Review your list and identify which of your tolerations are related. Is there a pivotal toleration that, if handled, will help you clear several others?

Decide on steps you can take today to get started eliminating tolerations and putting a plan in place to free you of these distractions and create more time, space and energy for happiness, peace and productivity.

Why not get started today? Contact me to schedule your complimentary session and get started leading yourself first.

Pat Morgan, MBA and professional coach, works with busy professionals to help them become more profitable and productive by capitalizing on their strengths and taking focused action to create powerful change. Call her at 305-458-2849, email coachpatmorgan@gmail.com or visit her website at www.SmoothSailingSuccess.com

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