Immigration on the Forefront in Doral

Immigration on the Forefront in Doral

!”Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners Chairman, Jean Monetime,Vice Mayor Ruiz and White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Jerry Abramson

Vice Mayor Sandra Ruiz is a leader who has had an extraordinary impact on the City of Doral’s economic success.As a founding member and the first woman ever elected to the council, she has solidified her mark on Doral. Following her passion for public service, the Vice Mayor fist held office in 2002 and today remains committed to the community. She brings decades of invaluable experience to the post and continues to pursue a set of clearly defined priorities that reflect both her governing philosophy and the current economic environment. Her priorities remain reducing the burden on taxpayers while preserving essential public safety services and programs and also a focus on education, infrastructure, job creation, expanding international trade, cultural affairs, parks and recreation initiatives, community beautification, police service enhancements as well as attracting businesses and industries to diversify Doral.

As one of only a few Mexican-American elected officials in the State of Florida, on the eve of President Obama’s immigration announcement, the Vice Mayor was invited to the White House to discuss the state of immigration, healthcare implementation and education access. While in DC, she met with White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Jerry Abramson as well as the Deputy Director of Public Engagement.“We are a nation of immigrants and in Doral we have a growing immigrant community,” said Vice Mayor Ruiz. In an effort to educate the community the Vice Mayor will be hosting an immigration forum in Doral to educate the public.

Immigration on the Forefront in DoralIn the summer of 2014,Vice Mayor Sandra Ruiz launched the Most Improved Program (MIP), an education initiative with a mission to steer Doral youth toward higher academic excellence. Students from Doral Schools will be selected and will receive tickets for sporting events and or concerts as well as a recognition from the Vice Mayor.With a continued commitment to education, she alsosponsored a resolution to partner with Florida International University to launch the FIU Executive Internship program. The program will allow college students to gain work experience in a city department related to their field. Students will be involved with specific projects that will allow them to develop leadership skills. “Experience in the work force enriches good work ethic and career plans,” said Vice Mayor Ruiz. Students will be assigned to a department director and attend municipal and leadership workshops focused on municipal needs. Students will also be given team projects by City officials to address a specific need of the City. These projects can be worked on during the afternoon of the workshop sessions.

Immigration on the Forefront in Doral

!”Doral Vice Mayor Sandra Ruiz and White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Jerry Abramson

Teams will present project recommendations at the end of the semester. “I applaud the City of Doral for creating such an exciting professional development program for FIU students,” said FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg.The program will be an experiential learning opportunity.The internship program will meet Doral’s needs while providing students with relevant career experiences. “I’d like to personally thank the City of Doral Councilmembers for approving the Executive Internship Program between FIU and the City. Through the leadership provided by Vice Mayor Sandra Ruiz, who spearheaded the effort, our students will now have a tremendous opportunity to learn about municipal governance in a city that has become a major player in global trade and commerce.” said FIU’s, Fernando Figueredo, Ph.D. Director Career Services.

Statistics from 2014 Survey of National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) indicate that students with internships have a much better opportunity for future employment. The FIU Executive Internship program is scheduled to commence during the summer of 2015. For more information please call 305-593-6725 Ext. 7101.

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