Is Acupuncture for Kids?

Kids and needles? Most people would agree that this pair isn’t a winning combination. Regina Oyarce, however, would say otherwise.

Acupuncture can stimulate the body’s self-curative abilities and relieve many common childhood conditions like allergies, ADHD, and asthma.

A Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a licensed acupuncturist, Oyarce provides Doral with massage therapy, an acclaimed “HydraFacial,” and nutrition consultations. As a massage therapist and nutritionist, the nearest cause to her heart is helping adults and children through insertion of tiny needles at key points on the surface of the skin

“Many people don’t think of acupuncture as a treatment for children, but it is highly effective and has been practiced successfully for thousands of years,” says Dr. Oyarce, “That’s what I love about practicing traditional medicine.”

What does pediatric acupuncture treat? ADHD, hyperactivity, asthma and breathing issues, digestion problems, and all kinds of allergies, she states.

For adults, the list includes depression, anxiety, sports injuries, chronic pain, infertility, insomnia, arthritis, sinus problems, skin conditions and is helpful for aiding in weight loss and overcoming addiction.

For parents who wonder about their children agreeing to this medical procedure,

Oyarce states: “Acupuncture does involve needles that are extremely tiny and virtually painless when combined with breathing techniques. When needles are carefully placed and a child exhales, the procedure is painless.”

To get children to breathe deeply, Oyarce engages them in a helpful but familiar activity: blowing bubbles to distract and entertain while providing comfort and deep breathing needed to ensure a painless procedure.”

Before treatment, Dr. Oyarce begins with an extensive and thorough consultation to learn the patient’s medical history, conditions, and symptoms.

For more information, visit or tel.305- 468-3270. The Energy Yoga and Wellness Center is located at 11402 NW 41st St.

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