Life Long Flexibility through Pilates

Elena Anta: Professional in Pilates

Living life to the fullest requires flexibility.

Some tasks and activities require more flexibility in the hip and leg areas and others may need more in their shoulder and neck areas.

We all can agree that flexibility is of the utmost importance in staying healthy and fit for life, whether playing tennis, soccer or football or enjoying activities with your children or grandchildren.

An essential factor to body movement, flexibility can be defined as the range of motion (ROM) around a joint. Past injuries to your body structure can create a detrimental factor in your range of motion.

Yet anyone of almost any age can increase their ROM if trained properly. Pilates help lengthen your long muscles to help flexibility. If injuries or tightness have set back your progress in any sport or activity, Pilates will help you reach your own personal potential for that activity.

Doctors, athletes and fitness professionals agree that posture and spinal flexibility are of the utmost importance. A healthy spine is bendable and flexible.

Chinese martial arts use the analogy of a bamboo plant to describe Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Bamboo is not as thick or as wide as an oak tree or most other trees. Yet when Hurricane Andrew destroyed parts of South Florida, a bamboo farm was untouched.

Bamboo is hard, yet soft (Ying and Yang). A bamboo tree stems strong roots. Its characteristics are tall, straight strong sprouts. When the wind blows bamboo flows and bends with the wind.

the same way, your spine should be flexible enough to bend like bamboo and still stay firm and strong. Pilates is your key to spinal flexibility and can teach you to align your body for a healthier, stronger you.

I had very bad posture as a child which led to bad posture and numerous injuries as an adult. Pilates training not only improved my posture but relieved me of pain, as well. Pilates can help you find that mind-body link that will give you spinal awareness and help correct your posture by aligning spinal elements.

My wife, Elena, a fully-certified Pilates mat and equipment and Piloxing instructor, can advise you on a proper workout routine. For more information on Pilates, log onto

Julio Anta, martial arts and fitness instructor, is the owner of Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense, 10721 N.W. 58 St. in Doral since 1998. You can contact him by calling 305- 599-3649; via the internet; or visit

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