Mayor Boria Forms Immigration Team

Mayor Luigi Boria along with several community leaders and pastors formed a special coalition to support comprehensive immigration reform on April 9.

Joining Mayor Boria to support new legislation were Ralph Reed, Founder, Faith and Freedom Coalition; Dr. Alberto Delgado, President, Pastor’s Association of Greater Miami; Mr. Rudy Fernández, Member of the Partnership for a New American Economy.

They were joined in the effort by several Christian pastors who met at EKKLESIA GLOBAL to pledge a common position.

Mayor Boria coordinated the meeting to gather support beyond the City of Doral for comprehensive immigration reform that would provide a path to legalization for “millions of undocumented immigrants living peacefully and productively in the U. S.,” according to a city spokesperson.

Mayor Boria actions were taken in accord with a City of Doral Council resolution adopted in support of the initiative for comprehensive immigration reform as presented by b U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and a bi-partisan senatorial group. The resolution was passed by the Council on March 18.

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