Miamians poll high to change 2016 finances

It’s time to begin setting New Year’s resolutions and, for 2016, finances are a top priority with more than 27 percent of the nation looking to focus on this area during the new year, according to a Dec. 15 Capital One Bank survey. However, more than 53 percent of Miami residents in 2015 admitted to accomplishing none or only some of their financial goals.

To help Miamians achieve their financial goals in 2016, the bank conducted a national survey, oversampling in Miami to uncover how local residents fare when it comes to making and accomplishing financial goals.

The survey revealed that more than one-third of Miami residents think that paying off debt is the number one goal for financial well-being and growing savings comes in at a close second (nearly 30 percent) among locals.

The survey also uncovered that Miamians look ahead when it comes to their finances, discovering that more than 43 percent of Miamians agree that setting financial goals is their motivation as they plan for the future – 10 percent higher than the national average.

Finally, more than 68 percent of Miamians are interested in digital tools to help reach these goals – five percent higher than the national average!

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