New Businesses, Non-Profits Aided by Rodriguez Proposals

In her second Council meeting, Doral Councilwoman Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera presented three projects that were unanimously approved by Council with staff directed to implement or review for feasibility.

With strong support from attendees concerned with special needs, the Doral chamber and the business community, Councilwoman Rodriguez identified several factors that would improve city services.

On first reading Feb. 13, organization of a Special Needs Advisory Board was approved for improving communication, education and trust among parents of children with special needs and the City.

Also approved following a Jan. 22 presentation was her proposal to simplify the process for business owners that use “Business Incubators” or “Virtual Offices.” The program will assist entrepreneurs with inexpensive start-up environments and a range of administrative, consulting, and networking services by waiving DERM and Fire Dept. Review fees to obtain an Occupational License.

Nathan Kogan reported on Feb. 13 that the county approved Rodriguez’s initiative to eliminate previously-required county approvals for executive offices other than the occupational BtR licensing.

The Councilwoman also proposed an increase in the access to communication services to improve Doral TV and Doral Radio by housing programmed specials, talks, commercials, and a variety of communication- based services.

Noting both the Mayor and Council members may now address topics about Doral in programmed segments, Rodriguez added: “I am elated that we will be able to have an interactive government that is open to inform our citizens and future investors of all that is available to them. I thank our Mayor Luigi Boria, my colleagues and our City Manager for acknowledging these important measures.”

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2 Comments on "New Businesses, Non-Profits Aided by Rodriguez Proposals"

  1. Manny Sarmiento | March 29, 2013 at 8:32 pm | Reply

    Is Bettina unethical? Bettina took sole credit for bringing to light the fact that only 3 out of 17 CBO Grant applicants were approved, yet, it was I who submitted a letter to Mayor Boria and the City Council on February 9th, prior to the City Council meeting in March with the following text (email me for a copy of the entire letter):

    "Along with the Doral Chamber of Commerce, I see many other organizations that applied and were rejected, that have viable projects that can truly serve City of Doral businesses and residents. I feel that all of those applications rejected, including ours, should be reviewed and that the applicants be given an opportunity to respond to the real and perceived deficiencies of their applications."

    Nowhere did Bettina mention me as the originator of the request to "review" and give applicant a second chance to submit the CBO Grant application! Bettina took full credit! In my opinion… this is shameful! Did Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera behave unethically in this instance….???? You be the judge!

  2. Manny Sarmiento | March 29, 2013 at 8:32 pm | Reply

    Bettina also presented a "Business Startup Training Program" that I had previously submitted via email and an Agenda item. She took credit for this too, and voted "No" on my proposal which was brought to the council by Vice Mayor Sandra Ruiz.

    Bettina seems to vote in line with Mayor Boria and Ana Maria Ridriguez! Once again, we have a constant 3-2 vote on the Doral City Council… I can't believe it!

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