New USPS Cuts Marketing Costs

Your Small Business Committee, Doral Business Council, wants you to know about one of the most effective yet underutilized marketing programs available to the Doral business community:the U.S.Postal Service’s “Every Door Direct Mail Retail Program” (EDDM),

EDDM is a new way to think about marketing your product, service, or idea. Designed with small businesses in mind, ideal for just about any type of business or organization that relies on local customers from nearby neighborhoods to generate sales. Local florists, pizza delivery shops, auto repair companies, restaurants, churches, hair salons, spas and real estate professionals — all use EDDM to drive foot traffic, promote special offers, and boost their customer base.

EDDM is a very cost effective alternative to Traditional Targeted Direct Mail (TTDM) that requires you to use specific names and addresses (or mailing lists) to get your marketing piece into the hands of potential customers or clients.

The EDDM program does not. It allows you to pinpoint your target audience by postal carrier routes (not by name and address) and then have the USPS deliver your marketing pieces to every mailbox on those carrier routes.

You can even control when your marketing piece is mailed, by choosing when to drop it off at the destination post office (although the USPS offers an optional mail-it-yourself option).

What makes EDDM so attractive is its low postage rate ($.175 cents per piece for EDDM-Retail), making it incredibly affordable for small to medium-sized businesses to implement a geographically targeted, mail marketing campaign. Delivery time for your marketing pieces is generally 2 days after the pieces are dropped off at the destination post office.

TTDM, on the other hand, is more expensive and requires additional costs like purchasing the mailing list and postal certifications.With TTDM, mail delivery is scheduled for 5-10 days once the mailing is dropped off.

A business should consider using EDDM when its message is appealing to a very wide audience. It is great for brand awareness campaigns. So how do you take advantage of EDDM?
(1) Design and produce your mail piece.
(2) Go to the USPS’ new EDDM website and choose (by postal carrier routes) local neighborhoods where your target audience resides.
(3) Drop off your mail piece at the destination Post Office.

Feel free to contact Reza at Minuteman Press for more information regarding EDDM marketing campaigns and how Minuteman Press can help you put together a highly effective EDDM campaign within your company’s budget constraints.

For more information, tel. 305-223- 5981

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