Pride for Zhamira Zambrano shines as she enters the limelight

Zhamira Zambrano bursts with joy as she gets the first qualifying “Yes” on TV’s “La Banda.”

Zhamira Zambrano bursts with joy as she gets the first qualifying “Yes” on TV’s “La Banda.”

Six years ago, a family left Venezuela seeking a better and brighter future. Putting their entire lives, aspirations, fears, and dreams in just 10 bags, they left their family, friends, jobs, and beloved country to start a new life – but the journey has not been easy.

New schools, people, culture, jobs – everything had changed. Out of the three children in the family, the oldest daughter Zhamira Zambrano had a gift, one which would help her face all these challenges, and ultimately make her the girl she is now.

Zambrano arrived in the United States at the age of 12, and she has been a resident of the city of Doral ever since. She always dreamed of becoming a singer. Believing that music could move mountains, she decided to do something with her talent that could help the community – and herself – achieve those dreams.

A key part of the Relay For Life events for about three years, Zambrano sings inspirational songs that provide a message of hope and strength. She has worked diligently to take advantage of all the opportunities that come her way, sharing her talent outside the boundaries of her city of Doral.

Now 18 years old, Zambrano has graduated from Ronald Reagan Senior High School, where she was part of the school choir and participated in many school events. At a very crucial point in her budding career, she was officially cast as one of the members of the well known TV program, “La Banda,” getting the first qualifying “YES” of the season.

Zambrano made it the finals, and although she did not win, for the people of Doral she is a real winner – she is our champion. Certainly, her outstanding performance at “La Banda” will lead to many future opportunities and served to successfully advance  the career she has always wanted.

Visit Instagram at @zhamirazambranomusic; Snapchat at zhamirazambrano; and Twitter @zhamirazambrano.

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